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  • #1 permanent hair removal system

  • 90-Day money back guarantee

  • 1-Year full product warranty

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NO MORE SHAVING - Don’t worry about itchy and painful razor burns or bumps. 

NO MORE WAXING - Avoid the pain caused by ripping out multiple strands of hair.

NO MORE TWEEZING - Stop spending your time plucking your hairs one by one.

NO EFFORT - Simply slide on your skin and let the our IPL do the rest.

NO PAIN - Light energy weakens the hair follicles while keeping the tissues safe.


PERMANENT - Award-winning technology with 100% real results.

QUICK AND EASY - Sessions only take a few minutes once per week.

SAFE TO USE - Use almost anywhere including arms, armpits, legs, chest, bikini, stomach, back and face.

MOST ADVANCED - Equipped with our state of the art LATYS-3 technology.

MORE EFFICIENT - Our auto slide flash technology rapidly speeds up session time.

QUICK RESULTS - Visible results in just a few sessions.

USE AT HOME - Use on your own time in the convenience of your own home.

NO REFILLS - Our IPL bulbs have 400,000 flashes and will last up to 20 years. 


- Latest Latys-3 technology

- Extra large 4.5cm flash area

- 400,000 flash, 20-year lifespan

- LCD touch screen display

- Automatic flash slide mode

- 5 energy level adjustments 


- Product weight: 280g

- Product size: L176 x W74 x H46mm

- Power: 36w

- Power supply: AC100V-24V-50/60Hz

- Energy level: 5 levels

- Area spot size: 4.5cm

- 510-1200 nm wavelength 


- IPL hair removal system

- Hair removal (HR lamp)

- Universal power supply (US, UK, AUS, EU)

- User instruction booklet

- 90-Day money back guarantee

- 1-Year warranty

- Hena sunglasses (Extra cost)

- Acne clearance (AC lamp extra cost)

- Skin rejuvenation (SR lamp extra cost) 

What skin types work with IPL?

What body parts can I use IPL on?









What is the difference between IPL and laser?



  • Use at home

  • Costs $200

  • Use many times

  • No supervision

  • Pain free

  • Share with others

  • Can't use at home

  • Costs $800-$3200

  • Pay per session

  • Need supervision

  • Can be painful

  • Can't share

How does IPL work?

Intense pulse light

Weakens hair follicle

Removes hair root

Stops hair regrowth

How do I use the IPL system?

Step 1

Shave hair

Step 2

Select energy level

Step 3

Start session

Step 4

Session complete

How often do I use IPL?

Week 1-4

Use twice weekly

Week 5-8

Use once weekly

Week 9-12

Use twice monthly

Week 13-16

Use once if needed

When do I see IPL results?

IPL hair removal results depends on many factors including hair and skin color. Most people see results in 4-8 weeks.

Is there side effects with IPL?

No, there are no side effects with IPL hair removal. 

Is IPL painful?

No, IPL hair removal is not painful. It's like a flash light on your skin.

Is IPL safe?

Safe to use

QC certified

CE certified

FDA approved