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Am I Too Young for IPL Treatment?

Am I Too Young for IPL Treatment?

So, you may have heard the good pieces of stuff about IPL treatment. And you’re planning to get one. But, there’s something that’s holding you back: your age. 

Age actually matters when it comes to medical and cosmetic procedures. It will determine whether your body or your skin is ready for the procedure. We don’t want to take the risk of further complications. So, it is better to seek professional advice before engaging in certain body modifications. 

Before we answer your question, let us first discuss some skin facts that you might want to know. 


Facts about your Skin

  1. Skin renews itself

Did you know that our skin can renew itself every 28-30 days? These new skin cells are created from deep within the skin and take about four weeks to rise in the surface. However, this process can be hindered by a lot of factors. This includes aging, bad habits, and hormones. 


  1. Cells determine skin color

Melanocytes are the cells that secrete pigmented substances called melanin. The more the melanin is, the darker the skin gets. However, having an imbalanced amount of melanin leads to skin color disorders, such as skin pigmentation. 


  1. Body’s fluid balance is dependent on our skin

Our skin keeps bodily fluids in place. If there are instances where the skin loses this ability, further skin issues can be expected. Most commonly, people who lack in body fluids experience skin dryness, cracking, and inflammation. 


  1. Skin has three distinct layers

These layers include the epidermis (the top layer), dermis (the middle layer), and hypodermis (the one that supports skin structure). 


  1. Tons of creatures live on your skin

This is quite surprising! We may not be conscious about it, but there’s actually 1000 types of bacteria residing on your skin. This includes microbes, viruses, and pathogens. Don’t panic! These are good bacteria. In fact, they help our skin in a lot of ways, such as wound healing, fighting infection, and treating acne. 


Now, let’s go back in answering your question: “Am I Too Young for IPL Treatment?”

Well, once you’ve reached your eighteenth year, you are almost free to do whatever you want to do. The same way with IPL treatments, eighteen is the most advisable age to undergo certain skin procedures. 

The reason behind it is that during this age, you are more likely to understand the process. Plus, your body is ready to take such treatments. If you’re younger than eighteen, then your skin may still be sensitive. 

IPL wants to cut the risks of complications; that’s why it is limiting who can undergo the treatment. In addition, those with darker skin tones are advised to skip this treatment because IPL works best on lighter skin. 


Why choose IPL?

The most amazing part about IPL is that with just one device, you can actually treat almost all of your skin concerns. IPL home devices come with replaceable bulbs that can be used individually for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and acne treatment. Fantastic! Learn more about IPL here



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