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Hey I’m Cassandra and this is my sidekick Porscha, we’re the co-founders of HENA! I’ve always been a beach loving girl and was so tired of constantly shaving for my beach days which is why I knew there had to be a better solution! This was when we created HENA, the best permanent IPL hair removal solution. Everyone has a busy life so if I can eliminate one daily task and help free up time for people to focus on other things in their life I was all in! Not only is this a time saver but also very cost effective. No more expensive laser sessions and say goodbye to those painful razor bumps or painful waxing sessions, we’ve got you covered! Try us now and enjoy your new hair free life!

Our Advanced Technology

HENA is all about the promotion and maintenance of natural beauty for women and men alike. Our company is backed up by the most recent aesthetic approach when it comes to permanent hair removal, the IPL technology. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. This technology made its inception in the '90s, and it became commonly known as Laser Hair Removal machines. However, at that time, IPL was mainly used for scientific purposes. The devices were expensive, and most of the clinical trials were unsuccessful. Moreover, patients complained about the pain and the cost.

Developments in IPL Hair Removal Technology

Over the years, medical experts had dedicated their time to improving and developing IPL technology. Aside from making it more refined, the equipment was heavily and smartly-engineered to make it more efficient but less expensive. This innovation allowed IPL technology to move from its high-end circles to the general market. From scientific purposes, the Intense Pulsed Light system dramatically became affordable aesthetic applications. In 2017, this advanced hair removal system became one of the most-sought non-surgical beauty treatments in the industry.

Proven and Affordable Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

HENA had tested and proven the clinical and medical success of Intense Pulse Light technology. The gentle and cost-effective approach had inspired us to build our company which aims to deliver reliable, highly effective and above all, safe aesthetic and hair removal treatments to everyone. We are confident that our solutions can provide visible and long-lasting results!

Original Hena IPL Permanent Hair Removal System