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Hey! I’m Cassandra, and this is my sidekick Porscha. We’re the co-founders of Hena! Ever since then, I’ve been so conscious of the way how I present myself to the public. So, I kept on using different sets of skincare products with hopes that it could maintain my ever-glowing complexion. I’ve turned myself to various cleansing and toning products. These products were good, but it seemed too little to handle my skin health needs. That’s why we created Hena; one of the pioneers when it comes to the best skincare technologies. 

For sure, it is everyone’s dream to have flawless and younger-looking skin. So I’ve developed some beneficial treatments to help many people achieve their skincare goals despite their overloading schedules. These technologies are designed to provide the most cost-effective and time-efficient skincare solutions. So don’t hesitate to upgrade your usual skincare routine. Try us now and live your life free of problematic skin troubles.

Our Advanced Technology

Hena takes its wheel to the promotion and maintenance of natural beauty for both men and women. Our company employs the latest aesthetic approach with regards to skincare technology. Moreover, one of our major success comes with our Intense Pulsed Light System. In the 90s, IPL has already proven its worth for some scientific purposes. But today, it has paved its way to lead the skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. IPL is probably the most significant innovation of today’s generation. Along with this, we also present to you a wide variety of skincare products that will help you achieve the skin everyone dreams. 

The Developments in Skin Care Technology

Over the years, medical experts had devoted their time and effort to enhancing the Intense Pulse Light and other Skin Care Technology. Until the time finally came when they’d found out that modern innovations with medical technologies can also be beneficial to overall skin health. These developments have served the world to give everyone the chance to be more confident as they’ve never been before. 

Proven Effective and Affordable Skin Care Solutions

Hena had tested and proven the clinical and medical success of its Skin Care Technologies. The gentle and cost-effective approach had inspired us to build our company, which aims to deliver reliable, highly-effective, and above all, safe aesthetic and hair removal treatments to everyone. We are confident that our solutions can provide visible and long-lasting results.