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Dark Spots: Here’s How You Can Treat Them

Dark Spots: Here’s How You Can Treat Them

One of the effects of aging is the appearance of dark spots in the skin. It usually happens when our body starts to overproduce melanin – by melanocytes. 

However, different triggering factors can also be linked to this skin condition. This includes effects of the sun, an increase in the hormonal levels, and other skin irritation. But most commonly, older patients are more likely to experience dark spots on their skin.

If you are not comfortable seeing your skin with an uneven skin tone and dark patches, you can do something about it. Below are the best practices that can help you treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation: 

  1.   Your forever skin buddy: Sunscreen!

Sunscreen must be considered a must-have, especially in these days where we are overly exposed to the sun. We all know how damaging the sun can be, so it is essential that our skin is always protected. Take note that even on cloudy days; we are not safe from the UV rays. With that being said, it is very crucial not to forget wearing sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen with the right SPF (typically SPF-30 or higher).

  1.   Skin vitamins

The best give we could ever give to our skin is the right vitamins. We all know that Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin, but did you know that taking Vitamin C also boosts your skin’s perfect appearance. It can be used as an antioxidant to block free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the surface – that leads to dull complexion and wrinkles. 

  1.   Microneedling

This treatment helps in regenerating collagen production. Its technology uses a medical-grade, stainless steel roller that is covered with numerous tiny spikes. There are many at-home devices available in the market, but professionals recommend seeking an expert’s help to attain the results you wish to see. Along with this procedure, topical treatments are also advised. 

  1.   Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is another treatment you can opt for if you want to deal with hyperpigmentation. This treatment utilizes tiny particles in dealing with this skin condition. It is suitable for exfoliation because it effectively removes dead skin away. Moreover, microdermabrasion works best for milder conditions of hyperpigmentation.

  1.   Chemical Peels

It is also a type of exfoliation treatment. It helps remove the upper layer of the skin to help reduce the appearance of dull skin. For the past years, this treatment has evolved and can now stimulate collagen production, enhance cell regeneration, and lessen the appearance of dark spots. 

  1.   Laser Treatment

Among other skin treatments, Laser is the most expensive one. It utilizes a focused beam of light to target specific pigments in the skin. This treatment is usually done on clinics and performed by professional practitioners. Reviews revealed that they attained the results they desire. However, you’ll need to have the resources before engaging in this treatment.

  1.   Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Don’t be confused about IPL and Laser. Though they share some similarities, IPL is still different from Laser in many ways. IPL uses a broad-spectrum of filtered light that is emitted at multiple wavelengths. Through this, larger areas can be treated at once, which results in faster sessions. Also, it is considerably cheaper because there are IPL devices that can be used at home. Not only that it helps in treating dark spots and skin pigmentation, but IPL also deals with a variety of skin condition – in short, for overall rejuvenation. If you want to achieve youthful dreamy skin, IPL is the one you can count on. 

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