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Grooming Tips for the Soon-to-be Grooms

Grooming Tips for the Soon-to-be Grooms

A wedding can take a lot of hard work and effort. Aside from arranging all the stuff – guest lists, venue, invitations, etc. – grooming has been one of the leading worries of the soon-to-be grooms. 

You’ll never know the struggle until you’re at that point where there are only a few months left before the actual day. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find it frustrating to see your bride in full colors while you are staying dull and old.


But, worry not because listed below are some of the most effective grooming tips that can make you stand out on the day of your marriage ceremony. 


Grooming Tip #1: Hydrate

Most of us tend to forget all the essentials when we are feeling excited. But I’m telling you, forget everything but not your wife and your water! We all know how important water is to our body. It replenishes our insides, which reflects on the outside. Water helps clear up our skin. So, if you want to get that youthful glow on your special day, consume lots of water. 


Grooming Tip #2: Have a regular skin regimen

We all know that guys barely follow a daily skincare routine. I mean, compared to women, men don’t pay too much attention to skin products. However, having a regular skin regimen won’t make you less of a man. Whether it’s your wedding or not, skincare is pretty vital to keep the looks you and your peers will admire in the long run.


Grooming Tip #3: Clean shave

I know you’ve worked for that fabulous beard, but keeping your face clean on your wedding day might bring extra joy to your future wife. This does not necessarily mean that you need to get rid of all of that facial hair. You have the option whether to have it trimmed or fully shaved. Whatever you opt for, you’re still the most handsome man on that day. 


Grooming Tip #4: Wash up

From the day you proposed to your girlfriend, make a habit of washing your face regularly – and properly. This is your advanced preparation to ensure that you’ll bloom at your wedding ceremony. Invest in good cleanser and exfoliator, and you’ll see significant changes in your complexion. 


Grooming Tip #5: Wear a fragrance

Your scent is pretty essential. However, make sure to keep it light. Some people have different tolerance to smell, so it would be nice to keep it nice but subtle. 


Grooming Tip #6: Hair spray

This may not be common to guys, but hair spray is one the must-haves when it comes to fixing your hair. Wax and gels sometimes make the hair extra oily. And we don’t want that, do you? Hair spray helps keep your hair in place. Making you look well-groomed from the ceremony up to the reception. 


Grooming Tip #7: IPL Treatment

Include IPL on your wedding preparation. If you’re feeling a bit older than your actual age, then try rejuvenating your skin using Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is best known for hair removal procedures. But, it was discovered that pulses of light are effective in stimulating collagen production, which is good for the skin. It helps fill in wrinkles and fine lines – making you look younger and more radiant. If you want to get the safest and most effective IPL device, click here!



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