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Hair: Why Does It Grow Differently On Each Part Of The Body

Hair: Why Does It Grow Differently On Each Part Of The Body

It is a normal phase for us, humans, to experience hair growth on different parts of our body, such as on our armpit, chin, and the pubic area. Body hairs, or androgenic hairs, develop during and after puberty. The growth of androgenic hair is linked to the level of androgens and the density of androgen receptors in dermal papillae.

At some point, I know that every one of us has wondered why our hair grows differently on each part of our body. You may think that shaving and waxing are responsible for hair growth, but you can be mistaken. In fact, hair removal has no effect on the way our hair grows back. What affects hair growth might actually be a bit more complicated.

What is Androgenic Hair?

As mentioned earlier, androgenic hair typically appears during puberty. Its thickness and color vary from the hair that grows on our head. These hairs usually grow under the arms, arms, legs, and private areas. These hairs also grow on the face and chest that is common to men, but some women may, unfortunately, experience this, too.

Peach Fuzz

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, peach fuzz is “The down on the chin of an adolescent boy whose beard has not yet developed.”

Peach fuzz is known as the vellus hair and is found everywhere in the body except the palms of our hands, lips, the soles of our feet, behind the ears, and I the navel. It was believed that humans needed vellus hair to keep warm, but that was during the old days. As for today, humans don’t actually need much hair to stay cozy. Vellus hair, on the other hand, may still help to regulate our body temperature. It is also useful in making sweat evaporate out of our body.

Body Hair Thickness

Hormones primarily determine the thickness of our body hair. Thick body hair is the result of overproduction of androgens – a unisex hormone found in both men and women. Men typically have a higher level of these hormones, that’s why they have thicker body hair. Women who have unwanted body hair growth may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance.

Facial Hair on Women

Razor is not to blame for excessive body hair growth, hormones do. A high level of hormones causes women to grow thick facial hair as well as hair on their arms, back, and chest. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by medications, puberty or menopause, and even genes.

What to Do With Unwanted Hair Growth?

There are natural methods that can be done to help aid unwanted hair growth. These include proper diet and weight management. However, some methods can provide instant hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, and applying hair removal creams.

Another way to remove unwanted hair is the IPL Hair Removal Treatment. It is a permanent solution that provides various benefits in terms of efficiency and cost. IPL is incredibly effective!

Again, body hair growth is normal. Don’t let it be the reason for body shaming. It’s not a big deal either. But if you prefer undergoing body hair removal procedures, take note that IPL Hair Removal Treatment is the best solution you can choose.

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