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IPL Hair Removal: The Top Ten Myths

IPL Hair Removal: The Top Ten Myths

You may have heard about IPL in the past years – the safe and effective body hair removal treatment. And I guess you already come to think of it as your permanent hair removal option. But something’s holding you back: the unending myths about it.

Most often, you become hesitant whether or not to undergo IPL procedure. You are bothered by the here and there talks that you might be entering trouble with it. But I am telling you, IPL is worth trying!

So, to help you decide, here are some clarifications about the Myths of IPL Hair Removal Treatment:

Myths of IPL Hair Removal

  1.   IPL Hair Removal causes hair to grow thicker, darker, and more frequent

IPL Hair removal doesn’t cause hair to grow thicker. In fact, IPL technology is widely used to treat various skin conditions, including hair removal. Its purpose is to reduce hair production every treatment session which soon results in complete hair removal. Contrary to what the myth says, IPL does not make hair to re-grow even faster. It actually makes the hair follicles dormant for an extended period of time. This gives the patients and users hair-free bodies for several years.

  1.   IPL Hair Removal is not safe

Safety depends on the quality of your IPL device, or how reputable your practitioner. There is a list of IPL devices that are recommended by the FDA for home use. However, it can be a better option to consult a certified dermatologist to ensure quality IPL hair removal treatment.

  1.   IPL exposes you to radiation

All the FDA recommended and approved IPL devices do not emit radiation.

  1.   IPL Hair Removal offers instant hair removal

Usually, several treatment sessions are required to attain maximum results. However, this may still vary from one person to another. People with smaller treatment areas are more likely to achieve quicker sessions.  

  1.   IPL Hair Removal is extremely painful

IPL procedures are less painful compared to other hair removal methods. In other reports, it was said to be pain-free as well. However, if you have a low pain tolerance and sensitive skin, you will be advised to apply numbing gels and creams.

  1.   IPL Hair Removal causes burns

It usually doesn’t happen. There are just cases of malpractice that lead to unfortunate situations like burns. IPL is very safe but dependant on how it is used. Also, it is essential to comply with the manufacturer’s (for home-use) or practitioner’s instructions to make sure that you’ll be safe during the process.

  1.   IPL Hair Removal is costly

Compared to laser treatment, IPL is way cheaper. The price may be overwhelming at first, but when you think of all the money you spend on waxing and shaving, you will realize how much you’ve saved. 

  1.   IPL Hair Removal is only for women

Every one of us has, at least a little bit of, unwanted body hair. Though it is most common for women to be engaged in such treatments, men can also undergo IPL treatment. 

  1.   IPL Hair Removal can only be done at clinics

IPL at-home devices are readily available for purchase. Many of them are FDA-approved which means that they are safe for home use. It is highly recommended to go for a professional treatment, but if you prefer doing it at your own privacy, you can do it at home.

  1.   IPL Hair Removal cannot be done during summer

Actually, you can! However, you should avoid direct sun exposure to prevent complications. Also, being tanned may also hinder the treatment because of the mechanism of IPL. Light skin tone is more ideal in IPL hair removal treatments.

And that’s it! You are all cleared up. Now, you can finally have a piece of mind about getting IPL hair removal treatment.

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