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Say Good-Bye to Acne Scars With IPL Treatment

Say Good-Bye to Acne Scars With IPL Treatment

Are you fond of popping your pimples with hopes that it would immediately fade away? Stop it right now! It gives no help!

Indeed, you don't want your face to suffer from disturbing and unnecessary marks like acne scars, aren't you? But in case you're not aware, such skin blemishes are the visible left-overs of recent infections caused by the pimples you mercilessly popped out. 

Take note of this, the pimples you've pinched may lose its activeness right after; however, it would surely haunt you later in your life. Believe it or not, it will. So, better learn more about pimples and how you can get rid of it in a simple but proper way.    

Types of Acne Scars You Can Get Rid Of

Many people often assume that all the acne scars come with similar appearances, but they really aren't. They all differ depending on the extent of damage, texture, and shapes. Not clear yet? Well, check this out: 

  1. Ice Pick Scars

Ice pick scars commonly occur on your face after a terrible infection from extensive skin blemish. After developing this particular infection, your skin tissue is destructed, which forms a column-like scar on your face. This type of scars is characterized by deep and narrow blemish that goes beyond the epidermis.

  1. Boxcar Scars

A skin affected by boxcar scars can be distinguished by its hollow and uneven appearance on your face. It develops when the collagen production in your skin is weakened by recent inflammatory breakouts. As a result, your skin tissue gets damaged and eventually loses the support that forms some devitalize areas over your face. The extent of damage relies on how much tissues are affected. 

  1. Rolling Scars

From the name itself, you can certainly imagine how this type of scars looks like. Basically, rolling scars are identified by their wavy and rolling appearance. Compared to boxcar scars, it has a more bumpy and rough texture. It often develops when particular changes in your skin happen due to acne damage. There are some sorts of fibrous tissues that form between the skin and the under-skin. As a result, this band of tissues pulls the outermost layer of your skin and creates a rolling impression on your face.   


  1. Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

If your skin has gone from severe trauma or deep wound, expect to develop hypertrophic scars afterward. Hypertrophic scars are wide, thick, and sturdy scars that extend above the skin. On the other hand, Keloid scars look more awful than the former. It creates a mark bigger than the actual wound. More so, these marks can still expand even after the wound has completely healed. These two scars differ from the first three mentioned above because it's not caused by tissue damage. But instead, these scars are formed due to the overproduction of collagen. In the case of keloid scars, the skin can no longer recognize the healed wound and still continues to generate collagen for the tissue.  

What Can IPL Treatment Do With Your Acne Scars

There are a lot of treatments available in the market to cure acne scars. But since you're looking for the most cost-effective option, you can turn yourself to IPL treatment. Intense Pulsed Light destructs the dark marks from acne lesions to enhance the texture and appearance of your skin. In this way, the skin tissues are repaired and replaced with fresher and healthier skin. 

From the things discussed above, you shouldn't lose hope with the acne scars on your face. IPL is the answer that you need. Do you want to start now making a move for your brand new face appearance and texture? Well, you can consider clicking here to learn more. 

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