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Skin Rejuvenation - What is The Difference between IPL and Fraxel?

Skin Rejuvenation - What is The Difference between IPL and Fraxel?

In this age of unlimited possibilities, people have become reliant with what technology has to offer. We can’t deny it; we want to live a more comfortable life. We utilize everything that can make our personal jobs much more accessible. I see nothing wrong about it. In fact, it dramatically enhances the way we live and makes us even more practical. 

Aside from our daily needs, we often rely on new procedures to help us maintain good health and pleasing looks. However, being a busy individual can be challenging. Most of our time is focused on doing our responsibilities that we barely notice that we’re actually aging. And it reflects on the outside. 

Though we can’t stop time, we can do something to retain our youthful look. IPL and Fraxel are here to help. They are both great solutions for our skin concerns.

You might be asking; “Which one should I choose?” 

So to give you an idea, here’s what you need to know about them:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is often confused as a laser treatment, but it’s actually not. Laser emits one specific wavelength while IPL utilizes a broad-spectrum of wavelengths that create bright flashes of light. 

IPL works in removing skin redness that is associated with rosacea, acne, broken vessels, and etc. Also, it deals with different types of hyperpigmentation, such as liver spots, sun spots, age spots, and the like. For wrinkles and fine lines, IPL is also one of the safest and most effective skin treatments you can rely on. 

People with lighter skin tones are the best candidates for IPL treatment. However, there are some light-based treatments which are specifically designed for other skin tone types. One great way to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment is to have a proper consultation with a professional. 

The best thing about IPL Skin Rejuvenation is the fact that the treatment session is a lot quicker – with almost zero amount of recovery time. Therefore, you can easily fit this in your busy schedule and resume to your regular activities right after.

Fractional Laser Treatments (Fraxel)

Fraxel is a form of laser treatment. Like IPL, it can deal with multiple skin concerns at the same time. It utilizes a CO2 laser that helps stimulate collagen production. Also, Fraxel can destroy some skin pigments to remove liver spots and other cases of hyperpigmentation. This results in a smoother finish in the skin – reducing the appearance of wrinkles and different types of scars. 

Depending on your skin condition, Fraxel treatments can take up to three to six treatment sessions on the average. After the treatment, expect to experience dryness, swelling, and redness. This will require you to have a recovery time of about a few days after each treatment. 

IPL vs. Fraxel

If you are want to attain the best results without sacrificing your budget, choose IPL. IPL treatment may be cheaper, but the results are still amazing. 

People with darker skin tone types may be best suited for Fraxel. However, if you have a lighter skin tone, IPL can be the best option for a multitude of purposes. IPL has proven its effectiveness through many successful cases. 

IPL and Fraxel are both great ways to treat different skin conditions. These procedures can be the best answer to your concerns. In choosing which treatment is better, it is your job to have yourself checked to determine if you are suitable for either of these two. 

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