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5 Reasons to Consider IPL Laser Hair Removal

5 Reasons to Consider IPL Laser Hair Removal

5 Reasons to Consider IPL Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it. When it comes to hair removal, every human being has to deal with this tedious process from time to time. While it’s not deemed a necessity in the past, the evolution of beauty and hygiene standards had paved the way for this procedure to become a necessity in current times. Today, it is almost natural to see men and women undergoing hair removal treatments as part of their grooming habits. Fortunately, the medical field offers proven and tested technologies for hair removal and hair growth reduction such as the IPL Hair Removal technique.

An Overview of IPL Hair Removal Procedure

IPL is a form of light therapy that aids medical practitioners in a variety of dermatological procedures. As the name suggests, the process utilizes intense pulsed light which emits wavelengths into the skin. As for hair removal, IPL targets the dark pigment (melanin) in skin and hair. The absorbed heat will then kill the living cells that are responsible for making hair.

What are the advantages of choosing IPL hair removal treatment?

1.) Permanent Result

As the broadband of light is being transmitted to the targeted area, the converted heat energy penetrates the skin and travels to the root of the hair. The high concentration of heat at the follicle damages the papilla, the agent responsible for producing hair. Once a hair follicle is destroyed, the chances of hair regrowth are minuscule.  

2.) Saves Money

Since this method uses high-intensity light with a broad spectrum, it can emit light at multiple wavelengths. IPL can cover larger patches of targeted areas at a single session, thus reducing the number of sessions a patient has to undergo.

3.) The Treatment Can Be Done Anywhere

Some people can’t just easily squeeze the session in their tight schedules. The good thing is, there are several IPL hair removal machines available on the market. However, make sure to ask the advice of your medical professional before you can continue your sessions at home. Also, make sure that the FDA approves the machine you are going to use.

4.) Easy to Use

There are skin experts that allow their patients to continue the hair removal treatments at home. Aside from the inception of various IPL machines on the market, medical professionals also agree that simple procedures can be done at home. Here are the three easy to follow steps:

  • Prepare the targeted skin by cleansing, shaving, and drying.
  • Usually, IPL machines have five energy levels.  You can start on low and gradually increase to the higher levels based on your comfort.
  • Treat the skin area. The session usually lasts for 30 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the session every two weeks.
5.) No Side Effects

Aside from being less painful than laser hair removal technique, IPL doesn’t damage the skin’s top layers. The sessions are also quicker than other methods, and patients can also experience faster recovery. The possible risks are minimal such as mild swelling or redness after the procedure. It typically fades after a day or two.

Shaving, tweezing and waxing are the traditional methods that people do for hair removal. However, most would agree that these procedures are tedious. The requirement for constant maintenance ultimately leads most people to seek a permanent hair removal method like the IPL hair removal technique. Over the years, this method had been subjected for development and innovation and today’s medical practitioners are proud to announce that it is a safe, cost-effective and highly recommended method for permanent hair removal.

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