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What is the Best Option among the Laser Hair Removal Systems?

What is the Best Option among the Laser Hair Removal Systems?

What is the Best Option among the Laser Hair Removal Systems?

Hair is a funny business since people tend to style and primp hairs on heads, but continuously shave, tweeze, and wax other parts of the body. From legs to arms, faces to pubic regions, millions of people strip their body hair elsewhere. However, using razors or tweezers to remove unwanted hair has certain risks that include pain and skin irritation, the formation of ingrown hairs, breakage of blood vessels around the follicles, and hyperpigmentation. Thus, most patients lean towards the new technologies of hair removal to eliminate the risks of serious plucking, shaving, and waxing.

Discover the Laser Hair Removal Systems in Today’s Modern Society

There are several options for hair removal systems, but some lasers are better than other procedures in specific areas. Here are some subtle differences between the systems:

  • IPL Hair Removal

  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light utilizes light energy that gently and safely removes unwanted facial, legs, and bikini line hairs. The powerful flashes of the light target and break down the hair follicles to destroy them without damaging the healthy skin surrounding the treatment area. An IPL procedure is quick and veritably painless, and it has minimal side effects including inflammations, swelling, and skin redness that disappear within a few hours. Not all individuals qualify the procedure, but a good candidate should have lighter skin and darker hair since IPL targets pigment in the hair follicles to avoid hair regrowth.

  • Nd: YAG Laser

  • The Nd: YAG or “Neodymium: yttrium aluminum garnet” laser hair removal is the newest form of hair removal in the industry today. In the past, medical practitioners used these lasers for tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation, but they apply Nd: YAG today to temporarily remove unwanted hair to the skin.

  • Diode Laser

  • The Diode laser hair removal system releases concentrated and high-intensity light beams that target hair follicles and the pigment or melanin it contains. The melanin absorbs the laser energy and breaks down the hair follicles which impact hair regrowth. Some patient may undergo several diode laser treatments, but each session is fast and has little to no downtime.

  • Alexandrite Laser

  • Alexandrite is one of the most frequently used hair removal systems which has a slightly shorter wavelength compared to Nd: YAG. This laser is suitable for patients with lighter to olive-colored skin and on parts of the body with large surface areas. The short pulses of light are rapid which means that the patient may experience more discomfort. The tradeoff is a faster treatment that often delivers permanent results. If the hair grows back, the Alexandrite lases reduces the thickness and number of the treated hair.


  • Ruby Laser

  • Ruby laser is the first laser technology designed for hair removal. It has a high rate of melanin absorption, so patients with fair and thin hair can undergo the Ruby treatment, while darker or tanned skin is a no-no. Moreover, its short pulses have a two-second delay in delivering more comfort to the patient during the treatment.

    The Right Laser for Your Body Hair

    Although there are several options of hair removal treatments, IPL procedure is fast becoming the top choice of permanently inhibiting hair regrowth. Along with removing hair, IPL can improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. It also treats skin pigmentation, spider veins, and sun damage by breaking the structure of the melanin and plumping the skin that gives the younger appearance of the skin.

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