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Achieve Younger and Healthier-Looking Skin with These Simple Routines.

Achieve Younger and Healthier-Looking Skin with These Simple Routines.

Most of the time, we are not aware that we’re actually becoming too harsh to our skin. We tend to try out different products to see what will have an impact on our skin. Barely noticing it, we’re aggravating the damage that we want to repair. 

I know most of us want to refrain from making an appointment with a dermatologist – because we fear the cost and the invasive procedure. However, visiting one can truly be helpful. But if you wish to attain your desired looks without sacrificing your time and money, these tips can be useful:

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! 

  • If you want to maintain your youthful glow, make a habit of wearing your sunscreen. This will protect your skin sun damage that results in premature aging. Aside from that, it also helps in preventing skin cancer. Use sunscreen with SPF-30 or higher. Also, make sure that it is water resistant. 

  • Don’t stress

  • When stressed, some people tend to smoke a lot. Did you know that smoking speeds up skin aging? Plus, it may worsen some skin conditions due to the exposure to such chemicals that cigarettes have. Stress really affects us emotionally and physically. It triggers some skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea. 

  • Gentle cleansing

  • When washing your face, make sure not to be too hard on it. Applying too much pressure when washing your face can be damaging. It is prevalent to scrub the skin if we feel very irritated with it (especially if we have acne breakouts). But please, don’t! Scrubbing your skin can further irritate it and may worsen your skin conditions. When washing the face, use lukewarm water. Choose a mild cleanser and apply it on your face in a circular motion. After rinsing it, pat dry your face using a clean towel. 

  • When to wash your face

  • It is pretty essential to know the best times to wash our face. Specifically, it is recommended to do a regular wash every morning, before bed, and after we sweat. Doing so will help us remove all the dirt that has landed on it. The cleaner our skin is, the healthier it becomes. 

  • Determine what your skin needs

  • The very first thing you need to do before engaging in a skin care routine is to determine your skin type. There are specific products that are designed for different skin types. Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, or combination, it is your job to find the best products that will fit in your skin’s needs.

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 

  • What makes IPL the best choice for skin rejuvenation is that it is non-invasive and non-ablative. These IPL devices are readily available for home use. With it, you can see significant changes in your skin without having your time and money compromised. 

    Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is the freshest way to treat various skin conditions. As of today, it is being widely used for a variety of skin procedures such as photorejuvenation and hair removal. This treatment is proven to be safe and effective with thousands of happy users giving their positive feedbacks. 

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