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This is How Your Skin Changes in Your 30s

This is How Your Skin Changes in Your 30s

Reaching the age of 30 brings panic to most of us. It is the time in life when we start to feel the pressure of being an accountable individual – a stable job, responsible parenthood, and everything that concerns a good life. 

But because of this pressure, we tend to overdo our daily tasks. Thus, we end up getting stressed. And it reflects in our general whole – wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and all the signs of early aging appears on our skin. 

You’ll be surprised once you look at the mirror and see how much you’ve changed. For sure, you’ll barely recognize your young self who used to dress up on Friday nights and enjoy being wild and free. Unfortunate enough, we can’t stop this natural life process. 

What Happens to Your Skin in Your 30s

Some people think that the age of 30 is a whole new life chapter. For better or for worse; no one can tell it until you’ve gotten this age. 

As for our skin, it is entirely normal to experience dramatic changes. As we get older, it loses most of its ability to regenerate itself. For that reason, it is our job to learn the proper way of taking care of it to maintain its radiance and youthful glow. 

As of today, there’s one magical device that may answer all of our skin concerns. But before we make the big reveal, let us first discuss the most common skin issues that people in the age 30s often encounter. 

  1.   Dry skin

As mentioned earlier, one of the effects of aging is slow skin turnover. Because of this, our skin fails to moisturize itself – leaving it dry and flaky. The best thing we can do to keep our skin moisturized and hydrated is to consume lots of water and apply moisturizing creams. 

  1.   Dull skin

As early as our 20s, we start to notice some bodily changes. By the time we hit our 30s, new skin cells are only visible every 28-35 days. That’s a significant reduction on the normal skin cells regeneration. For this reason, dead skin cells accumulate in the surface of the skin, making it look dull. To help keep our skin’s radiance, try exfoliating twice a week. 

  1.   Skin irritation 

Also, as years pass by, our skin becomes more prone to external factors that lead to skin damage and irritation. We may not be aware of it, but our skin reduces its tolerance each of every day. As a result, our skin becomes more sensitive so that using beauty products that contain potent ingredients is not advisable. Keep your skin bouncy, supple, and healthy by switching to a more gentle skin regimen. 

  1.   Dark spots

Sun exposure is the root of almost all our skin concerns. The UV rays it emits greatly affect our overall skin health. These harmful rays, when not avoided, can lead to some severe conditions, including skin cancer. To protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun, always wear protective clothing and never forget to apply your sunscreen. 

  1.   Cystic acne

If you think you’ve already passed the awkward stage of teenage years, then wait until you reach your 30s. Though the occurrence of acne breakouts is typical to young individuals, young adults are still prone to having one. The worst part is that it develops harshly – cystic acne. And can’t be treated quickly as with how you handle it on your high school days. However, you can add one acne treatment on your skincare routine to help aid the situation. 

Best Skin Care Treatment in Your 30s

This the big reveal: Technology is now offering us a more convenient, more effective, and safer treatment that can deal with most of our skin problems. 

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a fast-pacing treatment that gains several distinctions with its power to solve different types of skin issues. It can deal with unwanted hair growth, wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, age spots, and all the signs of aging. As of today, it has recorded many successful results from different people around the world. Want to know the secret? Learn more about IPL here!  

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