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Does IPL Hair Removal Procedure Hurt?

Does IPL Hair Removal Procedure Hurt?

We all know how harsh traditional hair removal methods could be: the cuts you get when you shave, the painful sensation of waxing, or the very exhausting plucking. There’s a point when we can no longer endure the pain and look for a more convenient way to get rid of all those unwanted body hairs.

We are lucky enough to reach this generation where technology is evidently more advanced. Today, we have lots of hair removal options that can provide long-lasting results. And these include the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal. 

However, there are lots of myths about IPL that confuse people. But most frequently, people ask if IPL procedures really hurt. But before that, let us first discuss what IPL is and how it works.

IPL Hair Removal

Although IPL Hair Removal treatments are often advised to be done on clinics, the procedure can also be done at home. Nowadays, the FDA has listed lots of IPL at-home devices that are safe for self-treatment. 

IPL treats most areas of the body, including the face. Compared to laser technology, it can treat much larger areas of skin and hair per light pulse. This is made possible by the broad-spectrum light at multiple wavelengths that is used by IPL. Also, this results in faster and cheaper treatments.

Usually, it will take 6 to 8 treatment sessions to fully attain permanent hair reduction results. IPL works best on the growth phase of the hair. You need several sessions because some hair follicles may not be in this phase during treatment. Facial hairs might be harder to treat that it may take up to 12 treatment sessions to see the results. 

However, the number of treatment sessions varies individually depending on the case. So, it is recommended to complete the treatment sessions to attain the best results.

Treatment sessions normally have a gap of 4 weeks for facial hair and six weeks for body hairs.

It is important to keep in mind that IPL cannot promise you a hair-free body forever. Hair follicles have their own growth cycle, and they will eventually grow back. But don’t worry because you can still enjoy a smooth and hair-free body for several years after completing your treatment sessions. As advised by experts, you should opt for maintenance treatments to fully maximize the hair removal results.

Does IPL hurt?

There is a difference between the pain levels of professional and at-home IPL hair removal treatments. However, The pain is very minimal and tolerable. And of course, it will depend on your pain tolerance and your skin sensitivity.

On professional IPL hair removal treatment: There’s a sensation of slight burning and tingling. Sometimes, patients experience swelling and redness. But cooling packs are applied afterward to lessen any discomfort. It is less painful compared to other hair removal options.

On at-home IPL hair removal treatment: It doesn’t actually tickle. The sensation is described as being flick by a rubber band, or a hot staple. It’s not painful at all. The key is to relax to avoid any sudden misuse of the device.

IPL hurts but not as painful as the usual hair removal methods you use. But for some people with very high pain tolerance, it might feel pain-free.

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