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How to Prepare for IPL Hair Removal

How to Prepare for IPL Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal is an effective method in removing unwanted body hair permanently. This is a skin treatment process that uses enhanced light energy. The light finds its way through the skin to the hair roots and destroys the hair follicle. IPL is very effective and promotes long-term benefits.

Since IPL uses a broad-spectrum light, IPL hair removal devices provide greater coverage compared to Laser hair removal devices. This means that it treatment sessions are quicker because larger portions can be treated at once. Also, IPL treatment may significantly be cheaper depending on the treatment times you will need.

Though many patients achieve successful results, it is still essential to take precautions before making an appointment. There are preparations you need to do to attain the best results.

Preparing for IPL Hair Removal

Before your appointment, take these pre-treatment instructions:

  1.   Avoid sun exposure and tanning services four weeks before IPL Hair Removal Treatment

The skin must be at the best condition at the time of treatment. It should be as light as possible to fully get the desired result. If in some cases you need to spend time outdoors, make sure to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen will help reduce the risk of sunburns and UV rays exposure.

  1.   Refrain from taking certain medications

Consult your doctor if you are taking anti-aging and oral acne medications. This is because some medicines may not be suitable for the procedure.

  1.   Do not pluck or wax

Shaving is okay, but plucking and waxing must be avoided. This is mainly because it can reduce the effectiveness of IPL hair removal treatment. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hair should not be bleached.

  1.   Do shave

You will be instructed to shave the area to be treated. It should be done a day or two before the treatment procedure. The reason why shaving is advised during a consultation is that it can be painful if longer hairs are present during the treatment.

What to do after IPL Hair Removal?

Your preparation should include the things you need to do after the treatment. As the skin is still healing, you are prone to getting some minor side effects. To avoid such circumstances, here are some post-care procedures you should know:

  1. Again, avoid the sun

Sun exposure is the worst thing you can do after IPL hair removal. You are more likely to experience sunburn because your skin will be sensitive. For a week after your treatment, cover up when you need to go outside.

  1.   Stay moisturized

After IPL hair removal treatment, your skin may be a little dry and peel. Applying a good moisturizer can help keep your skin stay smooth and comfortable. Also, stay hydrated.

  1.   Try to be as gentle as possible to your skin

Be gentle when touching your skin after having an IPL treatment. Also, refrain from using skin products with harsh chemicals. Wait until the treated area has fully recovered.

It is not enough that you choose the best hair removal method. Accompanied by it is the proper way to prepare for the procedure. If you need more preparation assistance, you can always drop your concerns, and we will surely respond.

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