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Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Why endure the painful wax or razor cuts if you can have a more effective, less painful, and safe hair removal procedure?

Since its discovery, IPL has come a long way in dealing with excessive hair growth. Through this technology, many cases of unwanted hairs were solved. And as of now, it is rapidly becoming a global trend, especially among millennials. 

"Is IPL effective, does it really work?" 

So, to answer your questions, let us start by pinpointing everything you need to know about IPL Hair Removal. 

IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a light-based therapy that is widely used by cosmetic and medical practitioners in performing a variety of skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. 

In hair removal, IPL uses a broad-spectrum, light source that is emitted at multiple wavelengths. It is designed to target the melanin in the hairs. As for the process, the light energy that IPL device emits is absorbed by the hair. Then, this light energy is converted into heat energy which causes the hair to warm. And once the hair warms, voila, the hair follicles are damaged which soon results for hair to fall out.

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

Unlike laser hair removal treatments, IPL's treatment coverage is more extensive because of the broad spectrum light it naturally spreads out. It is a highly recommended way to remove unwanted hairs permanently. 

However, its permanence should not be taken too literally. Both IPL and Laser hair removal do not guarantee a lifetime of hair-free body. Some hairs are not totally eliminated. Hair follicles have different life cycles and what these light treatments do is to make them dormant. But you shouldn't be alarmed because after you completed your IPL sessions, you can enjoy several years of flawless (smooth and hair-free) body. Well, that saves you time and money from your usual shaving and waxing routine. 

As an addition, there's a decrease in the amount of re-growth. The hairs become thinner and smoother compared to its previous condition. So, we can say that IPL is a permanent hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal.

It is true that IPL works best for those who have lighter skin tone and darker hair. However, through continuous development, some IPL devices may now suit those with darker skin tones and light-colored hairs. There are specifically-designed IPL hair removal devices for each skin tone type. Your homework here is to determine which device is suitable for you. 

Opt for IPL Hair Removal because:

  • It is less painful
  • It does not affect the skin (only the hairs)
  • It quickly kills the hair
  • It can treat large areas at once
  • It is more affordable than laser and other hair removal procedure

Conclusion: Does IPL work?

IPL hair removal definitely works. It can reduce your hair growth permanently without sacrificing much of your time and money.  Aside from that, IPL is very convenient because you have the option to do the treatment at your own privacy through the help of at-home IPL hair removal devices. It is proven safe and effective. But talking about safety, it is very essential to comply with the instructions in order to have a successful result.

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