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Here Are Some Essentials You Will Need For A Safer IPL Treatment

Here Are Some Essentials You Will Need For A Safer IPL Treatment

For everything we do, safety is our number one priority. In the first place, who wants to risk his/her own life in danger? Well, I guess there’s no one.

There are at-home IPL hair removal devices that do not require additional safety accessories when executing the procedure, but experts strongly disagree with this. I believe every one of us will be of the same opinion. Though manufacturers won’t provide with all the necessary gears, it is very crucial to have yourself prepared for any adverse circumstances.

You may have heard about the importance of safety goggles during any light-based treatments, but there’s, even more, you will need to attain safe and effective procedure.

What You Need To Prepare Before IPL Hair Removal Treatment

  •    Safety Goggles

First and foremost, never forget your safety goggles! It is a must during IPL hair removal sessions. However, you should not just pick one from the store because there are safety goggles that are designed explicitly for IPL treatments. For reference; the greater the shade of the goggles, the greater the protection it can offer.

Though some IPL at-home devices claim that the treatment can be done even without safety goggles, it will be much better to take extra precaution.  You don’t want to risk your vision, do you?

  •    Sanitizing wipes

Using sanitizing or antiseptic wipes is necessary to clean the treatment area before the IPL procedure. You have to make sure that your skin is free from any substances that can hamper the penetration of light. For better results, avoid applying moisturizers, lotions, and other creams on the area you will be treating. Also, wiping the treatment area will help prevent some skin irritation after the IPL procedure.

  •    A high-quality razor

Plucking and waxing are prohibited for at least four weeks prior to your IPL hair removal treatment. The reason behind this is that doing so can pull out the hair bulb, which is the main target of IPL when inhibiting hair growth. However, it is recommended to shave for at least one to two days before the procedure.

When it comes in choosing the best razor, opt for men’s razor with five blades.

  •    Replacement cartridges

Always prepare extra cartridges because some IPL devices do not include one. You might be asking why you need to have spare cartridges. That is because it has a ‘bulb life.’ IPL devices have specific flashes before it requires a replacement cartridge. To make it short, it has a life span.

It is important that you are prepared for that situation to make sure that you will not run out mid-treatment. Also, if you are going to purchase extra cartridges separately, check it’s compatibility to your device.

  •    Numbing gel

This is optional. However, if you have a susceptible skin or low pain tolerance, you might want to include numbing gel in your preparation.

Using numbing gel or cream helps block your nerve endings to prevent them from sending pain signals to your brain.

All hair removal treatments can give you different pain sensations. But to tell you honestly, IPL is less painful (or even pain-free), but still super effective.

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