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IPL Hair Removal: Am I An Ideal Candidate?

IPL Hair Removal: Am I An Ideal Candidate?

We all want to ditch the unpleasant and short-term effects of shaving. We’ve done almost all of the alternatives, but nothing of them gives the result we’re craving for: smooth and hair-free body. But after several types of research into permanent hair removal methods, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatments arise as one of the best options.

However, IPL hair removal may not be suitable for everyone. Whether you are planning to buy an at-home IPL device or avail a professional service, it is very crucial to know if you are an ideal candidate.  

What are the factors to consider with IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

Before engaging with IPL Hair Removal method, consider these factors to determine if it is suitable for you:

  1.    The cost

IPL hair removal treatment does not promise an instant result. There can be multiple sessions over time to achieve the desired outcome. In this case, you may get in trouble with relatively expensive treatment if you are not financially prepared for it. But, take note that the number of treatment sessions depends on your hair and skin condition. Of course, the cost will vary. So, remember to take proper consultation to prepare for your preferred hair removal method.

  1.    Pain tolerance

Part of the preparation for IPL or any hair removal methods is tolerance with pain. Though some clinics offer certain types of pain relief, you should not expect for a completely pain-free procedure. However, IPL is not extremely painful. Again, pain depends on your condition and the area that is to be treated.

  1.    Dark hair and light skin

IPL hair removal targets the melanin in the hair and skin. Therefore, those people who have a lighter skin tone and dark hair are the best candidates for this procedure.

  1.    Long-term results

IPL hair removal treatment is a good option in removing hair permanently. It is a long-term solution for those who are tired of traditional hair removal methods. IPL is proven to provide successful results at different levels of effectiveness.

  1.    Result may vary

Though people with light skin and dark hair are the most ideal candidate for this treatment, results may still vary. In some cases, even individuals within this group do not attain the maximum results. It is a case-to-case basis.

  1.    You know exactly what you are dealing at

Be sure that you’ve done your research regarding this hair removal method. Besides, it is also essential to seek a competent practitioner. Review feedbacks and legitimacy to ensure quality service with effective result.

How to determine ideal candidates for IPL Hair Removal Methods?

IPL is an effective way to remove unwanted body hairs permanently. However, you may not be an ideal candidate if the following criteria apply to you:

  •    You have dark skin with light blonde or red hair.
  •    You have metal or other implants in the area to be treated
  •    You have a diagnosis or history of cancer
  •    You have a tattoo or permanent make up on the area you want to get treated
  •    You have any diseases that can be triggered with light
  •    You are inconsistent with the treatment sessions
  •    You cannot have a patch test before your treatment
  •    You are very impatient

Before your IPL Hair Removal treatment, the practitioner will ask you several questions and discuss the procedure.  Through this, you will know better if you are ideal or not with this IPL Hair Removal treatment.

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