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How To Get a Smooth and Hair-Free Skin

How To Get a Smooth and Hair-Free Skin

Skin tells a lot about a person. Just by looking at it, people can easily have their impressions. In this sense, we become more conscious about our skin status and appearance.

Skin is the largest organ in our body. It serves as the outer covering that acts as our shield; protecting our body from harm in the outside world such as moisture, sun exposure, as well as hazardous germs and toxic substances.

While various skin conditions may bother us, unwanted hair growth has been one of the most common issues that many people have to face. Though this is not actually a serious condition, some people prefer to have a smooth and hair-free body to heighten their confidence.

This need for a smooth and hair-free body raises many questions on how to effectively achieve one. But don’t worry, help is here! Below are some useful methods for removing unwanted body hairs.

Easy Ways To Achieve Smooth And Hair-Free Skin

Body hair growth is natural, but too much of it may seem unnecessary to some people. This is the reason why hair removal has been a shower ritual for generations.

  1.    Shaving

Shaving becomes an option for the people who don’t prefer going to the salon. This is because shaving is more convenient and accessible. You can do it anytime you wish to. All you need is a razor and a good shaving cream, and you’re ready to go. Another thing that makes shaving more popular is the existence of electric razors. It does not require any cream or water. Also, it is painless and does not consume much time.

Shaving is an excellent hair removal method, but its downside is that hair grows back faster. Hair looks darker and thicker as it grows. It may also lead to hair ingrowths where hair grows inside the skin, causing bumps and sometimes irritation.

  1.    Waxing

Waxing is widely used to get rid of unwanted body hair and is available in almost every salon in the area. It is an easy way of removing large portions of hair all at once. Its process involves applying melted wax on the hair and using wax strips to pull it off from the roots. Since waxing targets the roots of the hair, it delays the hair growth. Another benefit includes the removal of dead skin cells.

However, waxing can extremely be painful especially when it comes to sensitive areas. Same with shaving, waxing only provides temporary hair removal. You will experience hair re-growth after a few days or weeks.

  1.    Epilating

Another method of getting rid of unwanted body hair is epilating. Epilators are battery-operated devices that are readily available in the market. Just like waxing, epilating takes out the hair from the roots. This means that hair delays re-growth and skin becomes smoother.

Using epilators can also be painful. After the procedure, your skin may look reddish.

  1.    Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is also an option for hair removal. In contrary to what others believe, Laser hair removal treatment does not actually make a person hairless. It is a hair reduction procedure that makes hair growth very gradual and lighter. This treatment is not available in salons. It is commonly conducted by specialists because there are risks if it is not done accordingly.

Laser treatment may require several sessions before you can actually see the result. As for the price, it can be a bit expensive depending on how many sessions you will need.

  1.    IPL Hair Removal

Another milestone in hair removal methods is the IPL Hair Removal Treatment. Its technology promotes permanent hair removal through the use of an intense pulse of lights to destroy the hair from the roots. Compared to laser treatment, IPL can be done in a short amount of time.

IPL is a non-invasive treatment approach, but it is incredibly effective.  The use of several wavelengths of enhanced energy does not damage the skin during the procedure. Also, IPL can be cheaper, unlike other laser treatments.

Which Method is the most effective?

Shaving, waxing, and epilating are effective hair removal methods. However, their effects only last for a specific time. You will end up facing the same problem over and over again; doing the same old tiring shower routine.

On the other hand, through modern technology, IPL, and Laser Treatment can be the best options for hair removal. The choice is in you. But to give a hint on which is better, prefer the one that is super effective while not compromising the cost. IPL can save you from your hairy nightmare.

Going back to the earlier times, people used to shave their hair using traditional ways. They use shells and sharp rocks to get rid of unwanted body hair. Be grateful that technology has brought convenience to our hair issues.

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