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10 Facts You Should Know About IPL Hair Removal

10 Facts You Should Know About IPL Hair Removal

Today, we are on a hunt for all the hair removal options that will help us achieve a smooth and hair-free body. We’ve been through traditional methods, and now looking forward to a more effective way to easily and permanently wipe out all those unwanted hairs.

Body hair was put on a good purpose, but too much of it may be embarrassing at some point. Although there are various products and services that we can count on, we are still craving for a more effective solution. Shaving or waxing becomes tiring as it doesn’t fully satisfy our need to be free from the hairy truth. Those hairs will grow eventually. It’s frustrating!

For years, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal treatment has been making a noise in the cosmetic industry. It claims to remove all the unnecessary hairs in our body permanently. Some reviews have supported this statement. However, there are still good and bad hearsays about IPL.

Being hesitant with IPL Hair Removal treatment? Read the following claims and discover if they are true, or false facts.

  1.    It hurts

It depends on the skin type and area being treated. The sensation is described to be as a rather painful tingling. The feeling can be compared to the sting of a rubber band on the skin. Pain is proportional to the hair type. The thicker and the darker the hair is, the more painful it can become. However, today’s offering of IPL devices becomes completely painless.

  1.    It is temporary, the hair will grow back eventually

Through the use of intense pulses of light, IPL is able to destroy the hair follicles from the roots. Through this, hair is permanently removed and will not grow back.

  1.    You cannot be exposed to the sun

Yes, before and after the treatment, you should avoid sun exposure to prevent sunburns. It is a pre and post care procedure that must be followed to attain the best results of IPL.

  1.    It damages the skin

IPL Hair Removal targets the hair follicles and not the skin. However, there are possible causes that may lead to damaged skin. This includes the incompetence of the practitioner, defective devices, and if you do not take the precautionary measures given by your doctor.

  1.    It’s not for everyone

IPL is more effective for those with light skin and black hair. For dark skin, hair removal is still possible, but it may require more sessions to see the result.

  1.    It causes cancer

This is just an urban myth. There are no supporting medical controversies that can testify that IPL causes cancer. Actually, IPL and laser have become as common a scalpel in surgery.

  1.    Plucking and waxing shouldn’t be done before IPL treatment

If you pluck or wax the hair before the procedure, IPL will have no target. However, you will be advised to shave the hair two days before the treatment. This is because if the hair to be treated is long, it can be painful.

  1.    It does not work well on the face

This can be true. Hair on the face is finer and there is more fuzz, that’s why IPL may not work well in removing all the hair on it. However, it may depend on your case.

  1.    IPL Hair Removal prevents ingrown hair

Indeed. We all know that ingrown hair often occurs after shaving. These are the hairs that curl back into the skin producing pimple-like bumps on its surface. Since IPL destroys hair from the roots, the hair will not grow back to produce ingrown hairs.

  1.    It can be done at home

There are IPL devices that can be used at home. However, there may be differences in the effects. The results may never be as successful as with professional practitioner. But taking precautions and proper procedure might save you. It is always better to get yourself familiar with the device you are using.

We have cleared all the myths about IPL Hair Removal Treatment. To sum it up, IPL is a safe and effective method in removing unwanted body hairs. It’s a must-try! You will never know its power until you experience it.

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