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IPL Hair Removal: Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

IPL Hair Removal: Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

For the past years, hair removal methods have evolved across the globe. We now have a much better option aside from shaving, waxing and plucking: the IPL Hair Removal Treatment.

IPL is a top choice in hair removal method because it provides a long-term solution for unwanted body hair growth. However, there can still be restrictions on who can undergo this procedure. One of the frequently asked questions about this is: “Is IPL hair removal safe for a pregnant woman?”

Though IPL hair removal treatment is proven safe and effective, it is best if you ask a physician about the risks you are taking when undergoing such treatments during pregnancy.


Is IPL hair removal safe for pregnant women?

It is safe to undergo IPL hair removal treatment if you are pregnant. However, you will find it challenging to find a practitioner to perform this treatment during your pregnancy. This is because IPL treatment isn’t usually done on pregnant women.

Although there no studies that support the dangers of such treatments on pregnant women, some practitioners still refrain from doing it to them. Pregnant rats were used as the subject for the study, and it showed significant effects on them. But as for humans, there are still no signs of effects.

Having a lack of research regarding IPL hair removal performed on a pregnant woman makes doctors and clinics to take extra precaution in conducting it. Most likely, they will advise you to deliver your baby first before doing IPL procedures. While in some cases, other practitioners take the risk and continue the procedure. But, they make sure to avoid delicate areas such as breast, stomach, and genitals.

If you are currently in an IPL hair removal therapy and you find out that you are pregnant, it is best if you tell your doctor. The same thing mentioned above, they will suggest postponing the treatment until you deliver your baby. However, there are still other methods you can use for the meantime.

There are also questions about IPL’s effects on unborn babies. Some women who had IPL treatments before they knew they were pregnant are bothered that it may affect the baby inside them. But it’s a 'no!' It is improbable to affect your baby. Again, you should open it up to your doctor.

Once you delivered your baby, IPL hair removal treatment won’t still be recommended to you because you are now breastfeeding. The same thing during pregnancy, there are no further studies that show evidence of IPL effects on lactating moms. But to be safe is always the best idea, so avoid any radiation during this period after your pregnancy.

There can be possible side effects because of the hormones inside a nursing mother. The exposure with any light-based treatment can trigger hyper/hypo pigmentation because it can interfere with the women’s melanin production.


Does IPL hair removal treatment affect getting pregnant?

IPL hair removal treatment has nothing to do with pregnancy. It can’t and will not affect you from getting pregnant. You can still undergo such treatments even if you are actively trying to conceive. The only thing that may come on your way is the doctor to get along with the IPL procedure. Practitioners want to avoid liability, so they tend to stay away from the risk of doing the treatment to those who are planning to get pregnant.


For the record, IPL hair removal process targets the hair, and nothing else. No studies can prove its harmful effects on pregnant women. You can still do the treatment, but you have to take the risk. However, for you and your child’s safety, it’s better to take care of yourself and avoid any circumstances that may put you both on danger. Stay healthy!

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