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IPL Hair Removal: Is It Safe To Do At Home?

IPL Hair Removal: Is It Safe To Do At Home?

Body hair, according to myths, is a thing of the past. As for science, it has something to do with genes, hormonal imbalance, and other underlying medical conditions.

But whatever the reason is, excessive growth of unwanted hairs can be a frustrating issue to deal with. Traditional hair removal methods are becoming out-of-date because none of them actually provides long-lasting results. All thanks to advanced technology that they discovered a more convenient way to remove these unwanted body hairs.  IPL devices become readily available for home use.

However, many people refrain from taking risks. Most of them are extra-cautious about the danger of ‘do it yourself’ home treatments. And I think, that is a good thing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


What you need to know about IPL at-home hair removal

If you’ve made up your mind about IPL at-home hair removal but still a bit uncertain, take these notes below to learn more about IPL.


  1. The permanent result is not instant

Using IPL at-home devices will not make you hair-free from the first use. You have to be more patient with this home treatment. However, you will notice significant differences after several treatments.


  1. Be consistent

The result doesn’t come in magic. If you want to see an incredible result, you have to be consistent in using your IPL device. It’s not something that you use once then forget about it the next day. The reason behind this is that hair follicles individually grow in their cycles. You have to continue the treatment for several weeks (according to product instructions) to potentially maximize the result.



  1. It’s not quickly done

Treatment time varies depending on the area to be treated.  On areas like your legs, it usually takes 20 minutes. Bikini lines and underarms, on the other hand, can be as far quicker to deal with.


  1. The result depends on your hair and skin type

IPL is most effective to those with light skin and darker hair. However, there are IPL devices that provide clear instructions and adjustable settings to guide you in using them.


  1. It is best to start using IPL during Winter or Autumn

One of the hearsays about IPL is true. Sun exposure is something you should avoid when undergoing IPL treatments. You have to be tan-free for the device to work effectively.


  1. IPL requires you to shave

One to two days before IPL treatment, shaving is essential to experience a painless session.  This is because if your body hair is quite long, it can be painful during the treatment.


  1. Do not pluck or wax

Plucking and waxing hinder the IPL process because they pull the hair from the follicles. IPL won’t be able to target hair root if it is already removed.


  1. Pain depends on your skin type

Others experience painless procedures because they have light to fair skin with dark hair. The sensation is described as a ‘warm zap,’ in a comfortable way. If you have a thicker darker hair, you may associate the feeling with a rubber band snapping you, but not painful as well.


  1. Sunscreen is essential

Always apply SPF every after IPL treatments.  It would be best if you took precaution because your skin will be sensitive. Also, wear cover-ups to avoid direct sunlight exposure.


  1. Avoid hot showers and other products with harsh ingredients

This is only for twenty-four hours after the treatment.  Again, the skin is extra sensitive after IPL treatment, so it’s better not to trigger skin irritation.


Does IPL work? Is it safe to do at home?

Definitely, it’s safe! IPL devices are developed by experts to provide safe, effective, and convenient at-home hair removal treatments. In fact, IPL is widely used for years in treating various skin conditions, not just hair removal.

It really works! The result is noticeable after several uses. You will be amazed at how IPL makes your body smooth and hair-free. If you are tired of shaving, then you might fall in love with IPL hair removal devices. It’s permanent and beneficial.


These things about IPL at-home hair removal devices are very useful in taking your next step to permanent hair removal. This is a wise investment because you will benefit a lot from it. And you are sure to get the hair-free body you’ve always been aspiring.

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