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IPL And Laser Hair Removal: Are There Any Side Effects?

IPL And Laser Hair Removal: Are There Any Side Effects?

Majority of people who try IPL and Laser hair removal claim that both of these treatments are safe and well-tolerated. They find the procedures as the best options in getting rid of their excess hairs in unwanted places. As of today, there are no apparent long-term health risks that can be associated with these new technologies.

However, some minor side effects may come in the way after each treatment. And these may vary from person-to-person, and by case-to-case basis. So before embarking on your desired therapy, you should be aware of the possible side effects that may surround you during the process.

Side Effects of IPL and Laser Hair Removal

No matter how safe these treatments are believed to be, just like any cosmetic or medical procedures, IPL and Laser hair removal may still carry some risk of side effects. Whether you plan to do it at home or avail a professional treatment, it is very crucial to understand the dangers so that you can have a guide on how you can protect your self against them.

  •   Common Side Effects
  1.   A bit of redness or swelling

This is something you should expect after a light-based treatment. Usually, it happens because of some intense application of light in the skin. But you shouldn’t take it seriously because it is a common side effect. Redness or swelling typically subsides one to two days after the treatment.

  1.   Minor changes in skin pigment or slight discoloration

This is why a patch test prior to the treatment is essential. There are two types of skin pigmentation: hypopigmentation (lighter) and hyperpigmentation (darker). This is commonly experienced by patients/users with a darker skin tone.

  •   Serious Side Effects
  1.   Burns/Blistering

Light flashes may sometimes cause the skin to overheat, making it more prone to the risk of infection. Skin regions with tattoo or moles must be avoided during the process.

  1.   Eye damage

This is a serious side effect due to the misuse of safety gears such as safety goggles. The most common effects include transillumination, posterior synechia, and photophobia. This brings us to the conclusion that a treatment is safe if and only if we can comply with the safety precautions.

Tips to Avoid Side Effects

We want the good side effects, not the bad ones. And the only thing to attain a positive result is to act in accordance with what the instructions state. Don’t risk your beloved skin! Consider the following these tips for a safer IPL and Laser hair removal treatment:

  •   Don’t forget to wear your safety goggles

Though some at-home devices will not require you to wear safety goggle, it is better to be safe now than regret later. 

  •   Opt for an FDA-approved product

It is the safest thing you can do. FDA approval gives you the assurance that the product you are about to purchase is safe for home use.

  •   Do a patch test

At-home hair removal devices and professional treatments will provide you patch test to determine whether you are a good candidate or not. Always follow the instructions! That is a must.

  •   Use numbing gels or creams

This may not be necessary, but people who have sensitive skin and very low pain tolerance must consider applying a numbing gel to have a more comfortable session.

  •   Use antiseptic creams

Apply antiseptic cream after the procedure to avoid complications due to sun exposure.

  •   Follow instructions

Again, complying with the manufacturer’s instructions can save you from the risk of side effects due to device misuse. 


IPL and Laser hair removal treatment are both effective ways of treating unwanted body hairs. However, there may be a risk of side effects when performed incorrectly. 

Common side effects are redness, swelling, and slight skin pigmentation. Serious side effects may include eye damage and burns. But all of these can be avoided if we are extra cautious about the procedure. Always comply with the rules!

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