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IPL Hair Removal – The most beneficial procedure for you

IPL Hair Removal – The most beneficial procedure for you

Maintaining a hair-free body can be time-consuming, and could cause inconvenience. Hair grows repeatedly. In fact, some people have high hair growth rate. Therefore shaving becomes a repetitive chore. Waxing is also another solution, but lack of expertise can lead to undesirable results.

To keep yourself away from these hardships, you can always consult to waxing professionals or IPL hair removal.

IPL: What is it?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It refers to the technology which is now being used primarily for skin treatments, such as treatment of thread veins, skin pigmentations, and acne. Other than those mentioned, IPL is also ideal for hair removal.

IPL works by using wide-range of a high-intensity light spectrum that produces light at several wavelengths. In the hair removal process, it helps kill the hair & prevent it from growing back. Unlike lasers which use single focused point, IPL covers a more extensive range of hair patch.Β 

IPL Hair Removal: How does it work?

IPL is developed to target specific structures. In the hair removal process, it is devised to target the hair’s melanin pigment. IPL emits light energies. These light energies are then absorbed by the hairs – resulting hair to be heated up. Heat then damages hair follicles, which decrease the hair growth rate, and even preventing hair from growing completely.Β 

Advantages of IPL Hair Removal Process

As mentioned above, IPL covers a wider range of hair patch during the hair removal process, unlike in laser treatments which only use a single point. Therefore, wider areas can be treated at the same time, making the removal process quicker. As the process becomes faster, it would also become cheaper.

IPL hair removal is considerably cheaper than Laser hair removal. In addition, IPL works with a wide range of light spectrum, meaning it can be utilized for many uses. It can also successfully treat various skin conditions. By using a wide range of light spectrum, it can be altered to match several specific skin & hair types in the treatment process.

Hair removal process using IPL is excellent in terms of precision. It specifically targets only the hair and does not affect the skin. IPL quickly destroys the roots of the hair and is less hurting than other processes of hair removal. More importantly, the results are more permanent.

IPL hair removal: Things to consider before doing it

As you have a more profound understanding of the IPL hair removal process, here are some points to consider when deciding to do it:

  • Budget. This is the primary point to consider before undergoing IPL hair removal. IPL hair removal is cheaper than laser hair removal. However, it may still cost you some money. But although it requires some amount, it will be worth it as the results are beneficial and permanent.
  • Skin type. Asses your skin type or you can consult professionals to check your skin for you to choose the proper IPL removal process that is suitable for you.
  • Skin Area. You also might want to think about the skin area you want to be done with.

You may still want to stick with the conventional process of shaving or waxing. But its impermanent results will cost you time, money and effort repetitively. It’s better to go with the IPL hair removal and its more permanent results. IPL can help you achieve your target flawless & hairless skin.

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