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IPL Hair Removal: Should I Use Professional Or At-Home?

IPL Hair Removal: Should I Use Professional Or At-Home?

Our endless quest for permanent hair removal methods has resulted in the rapidly growing industry of light-based at-home hair removal treatments. The advances in technology make way for men and women to get rid of the unsightly body and facial hair. The convenience and effectiveness of these products have pushed people to abstain from clinic appointments.

IPL hair removal treatment is fast-becoming a massive name in the world of cosmetics and dermatology. Specially used for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, IPL is widely used in treating various skin conditions including body hair removal. The good thing about it is that it can be done at your own privacy – at home.

What you need to know about at-home IPL hair removal devices

Before deciding to engage in a DIY treatment, you should consider some safety concerns in using IPL at-home devices.

  •   IPL devices are often approved for use in treating areas like your legs, and other delicate regions. However, if they are used without following the instructions, they may cause burns, painful blisters, and damage to the skin.
  •   People with dark skin may not be suitable for this at-home treatment. But, people with very pale skin tone may also experience harsh effects, especially on their sensitive areas.
  •   Have a review of the device if it conforms to all the safety and health guidelines.
  •   Also, check for the authenticity of the product. There can be cheaper devices available, but there may be safety issues about them. 

When to choose professional or at-home IPL hair removal treatment

If you are becoming indecisive whether you should opt for professional or at-home IPL hair removal treatments, take note of the following:

On professional IPL hair removal treatment;

  •   If you have found a reputable practitioner to do the procedure, Choose professional IPL hair removal treatment. Having expertise with IPL treatments is most preferred to achieve hair-free body goals.
  •   If you are not confident about DIY hair removal treatment, seek professional help.
  •   If you have the resources to afford multiple sessions of professional IPL hair removal treatment, then go for it.
  •   If you want a fast and effective result, professional IPL hair removal treatment is for you. 

On at-home IPL hair removal treatment;

  •   If you are on a budget, at-home IPL hair removal would be a better option. IPL devices for home use are much cheaper compared to clinic appointments.
  •   If you can carefully follow the manufacturer’s instruction, then at-home IPL hair removal devices might suit you.
  •   If you just want to treat smaller areas like your underarms and bikini areas, you can opt for at-home treatment.
  •   If you are patient enough to wait for the maximum results, you can try at-home IPL devices. This is because these devices usually take time to see visible hair removal results.

Professional vs. At-home IPL hair removal treatment

In professional IPL hair removal treatment, you will have an expert to asses you with your unwanted hair condition. Meanwhile, if you prefer doing the treatment at home, you will only have your self or some friend’s help.

At-home devices usually use simplified technology with less power than professional machines. This is to avoid damaging effects when you accidentally make mistakes.

About the procedure, there will be a significant difference between at-home and professional use. Professional IPL hair removal treatment will provide optimum results that are more visible in a shorter span of time. On the other hand, IPL at-home devices can also offer satisfying results at a much smaller cost, but through longer treatment times.

Both professional and at-home hair removal treatments are safe and effective in body hair removal. However, choosing the best option will depend on your own conditions.

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