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Is IPL Hair Removal Suitable For Men?

Is IPL Hair Removal Suitable For Men?

To all the men out there, I know most of you would agree that hair removal is firmly a female thing. Your body hairs remain untouched unless you engage in sports or jobs which will require you to be hair-free. Hair removal may be necessary if you are a swimmer, cyclist, bodybuilder, or exotic male dancer.

However, men of today are reported to share the same grooming rights as women. A number of men are now into smooth and hair-free body. But, this doesn’t literally mean that they want to remove all the hairs in their body. They just want to reduce the amount of hair growth, especially on their back and chest.

So, what method can men use to get rid of your unwanted hairs? IPL might be the answer.

Top Reasons Why Most Men Opt for Body Hair Removal

  1.    Hygiene

This doesn’t mean that you are less hygienic if you are hairy. The main reason why men opt for body hair removal is that some of them are irritated and they want relief. It has been part of their manscaping to reduce bushy-ness and any itchiness, especially during summer.

  1.    Aesthetics

Most men want to reduce their excessive body hairs on their chest, back, arms, or legs for aesthetic purposes. As said earlier, they don’t necessarily want to remove all the hairs in their body, they just want to reduce the hair growth. For some reasons, it helps men feel more confident in their skin.

  1.    Balding

Some men prefer to be totally bald rather than have a sporadic balding. This leads them to have their hairs treated.

  1.    Facial grooming

Lesser facial hair means more comfortable shaving. This is the common reason why men opt for treatments that will help them reduce facial hair growth. Another reason is that they want to combat ingrown hairs caused by shaving.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is currently a booming hair removal treatment that helps deal with body hairs. IPL hair removal is not a laser treatment, note that.

Although IPL and Laser may share some similarities, there are still significant differences between them. Unlike Laser, IPL uses a broad-spectrum of high-intensity light source at multiple wavelengths. Laser devices emit only one single focused wavelength to maximize follicle absorption. IPL, on the other hand, covers larger patches of hair – best suited for your chest, back, arms, or legs. And since larger areas can be treated at once, treatment sessions can be quicker. Therefore it can considerably be much cheaper.

The same with IPL procedures for women, there are also some skin tone types and hair color to be considered. IPL works best on lighter skin tone and darker hairs. However, some IPL hair removal devices are specifically designed for dark skin types and light-colored hairs. Check the Fitzpatrick scale to determine which IPL device is best-suited for you.

Men and women can do this hair removal method. It is proven to be a safe and effective way of combating unwanted hair issues. This can be done through the help of a professional, or you can do it yourself at home. But always remember to comply with the safety precautions and instructions that will be provided to you.

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