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Tips for a Safer IPL Treatment

Tips for a Safer IPL Treatment

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is not new to us. We have heard so much about it before – its amazing benefits, advanced technology, effectiveness, and more. However, there are still some factions who still find it confusing. So, before we continue with the safety tips, here’s a brief explanation about IPL and its uses. 


What exactly is Intense Pulsed Light therapy?

IPL is typically used for aesthetic, surgical, and cosmetic procedures. It utilizes a broad spectrum of light in the form of flash lamps. You can picture it as a bulb that continuously flashes when in use. 

IPL devices are computer-controlled handy machines that generate intense pulses of light at multiple wavelengths. This light is then converted to heat energy that penetrates the skin and brings damage to the dark pigments from underneath the skin. These dark pigments are known as the melanin – the leading culprit for skin discoloration and other skin conditions. 

There’s a variety of skin concerns that IPL can solve. These include wrinkles, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, age spots, warts, acne, scars, rosacea, and more. Also, it is widely used in treating cases of unwanted hair growth. 

Contrary to what others used to believe, IPL is not an actual laser treatment. Mentioned earlier is that it uses light as a source, so it’s more appropriate to say that it is a light-based therapy. Therefore, it is non-invasive and non-ablative. It does not involve intensive procedures that will cause too much pain and lengthy recovery time. 

Though IPL claims that it is safe and effective, there are still some factors that can affect its successful results. And most of these depend on us. There are unwanted cases that report minor to major side effects because of wrong use, such as blisters, burns, and scarring. However, this can be prevented by following the treatment instructions and precautionary measures.


Safety Precautions

To ensure safe and effective IPL treatment, follow these simple precautionary measures:

  • First things, first! Before engaging with this treatment, make sure that you’re an ideal candidate. Typically, IPL is more recommended to those with lighter skin tone than those with darker ones. 
  • If you are qualified for the treatment, it’s your job to find the best IPL device or clinic. For at-home IPL devices, always check if it is FDA-approved. 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Read the manual thoroughly. 
  • If you see some device irregularities, immediately contact the manufacturer. Do not take the risk. 

Additional pre-treatment procedures include:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure. Sun, as we all know, greatly affects our skin’s appearance. It is the leading cause of most of our skin concerns, such as early aging. Also, sun exposure makes the skin extra sensitive. 
  • Avoid self-tanning and tanning beds.
  • Never forget to apply your favorite sunscreen every time. 
  • Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications prior to your treatment.
  • For hair removal, plucking and waxing are not advised because it will remove IPL’s targets. However, shaving is recommended before the day of your treatment. 
  • Avoid using harsh beauty products because it may irritate the skin. 


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