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Top 5 Surprising Facts About Your Skin

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Your Skin

Have you ever imagined your body without skin? Perhaps, it’s better not to imagine it at all because it would surely look so awful. Aside from what we already know that it provides an outer coating for our body, our skin has a lot more significant functions that regulate our entire well-being. Do you want to learn more about your skin? If yes, then read this so. 

Before you go ahead with this topic, make sure you composed yourself well. Get ready for any revelations you may hear today. Let’s go!

Listed below are the surprising facts about your skin that you might not hear about before: 

  1. Your skin contains more than a thousand types of bacteria

Since our skin is the outermost part of our body, it has firm contact with the outside environment. As a result, different kinds of living organisms like bacteria can easily enter and propagate to our skin. But don’t worry, they won’t harm you. Most of the common bacteria in our skin are either commensalistic or mutualistic.  Commensalistic bacteria benefit from our skin without leaving any trace of damage. On the other hand, mutualistic bacteria and your skin can benefit from each other. Most of the mutualistic bacteria that dwell in our skin serve as our main protection against the pathogenic organisms. 

  1. Your skin revives itself about every month

You may not observe with your naked eye, but deep within your skin, brand new skin cells are being developed to replace damaged cells later on. Before it ascends, it would be first nourished with nutrients for about 28 – 30 days. The thickness and depth of newly-formed skin cells vary from one part of the body to another, depending on your age, gender, and habits. The thickest skin in our body is found on our feet, and the thinnest is found in our eyelids.

  1. Your skin carries several miles of blood vessel 

If you’re going to stretch out all the blood vessels that can be found in your skin, it measures twice longer than the tallest mountain on earth. That’s why; if its strands are inflamed, it appears bright visible from your skin. Deep within your skin, you can find thousands of blood vessels that keep the blood circulation over your body. 

  1. Your skin condition can act as a health indicator

Some specific skin conditions indicate some more serious changes happening in your overall health. One example would be some autoimmune diseases such as systematic sclerosis. Included from its initial symptoms are the thickening and swelling of the skin. Sooner as it badly develops, some vital organs would then start to harden and swell eventually. 

  1. Too much sun-bathing may leave you with terrible age spots

The top priority of every summer bucket list is to enjoy the heat of summer breeze. But be careful, too much of it may leave you some terrible remembrance. Age spots are commonly formed when your skin receives too much sun exposure. Fortunately, these marks are harmless, but most people want to get rid of it for aesthetic purposes. 

Get Rid of Fact Number 5!

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