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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Home IPL Hair Removal Device Doesn’t Work On You

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Home IPL Hair Removal Device Doesn’t Work On You

It feels like we’ve been spending a lifetime using conventional methods in hair removal. Until one day we discovered the home IPL devices. There are claims that it is a super effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs. But upon using it, you are frustrated to see minimal to no results.

So, you might be wondering why you’re not seeing results after using your home IPL hair removal device.

There can be a lot of reasons; it can be a process, or product-related issue. However, there can be a lot more. Let’s discuss the factors that may affect your IPL use.

Here are the top reasons

  1.    Hormonal Imbalance

Women experience hormonal imbalance more often than men. This happens when you have an overproduction of androgen. Both men and women have these hormones. However, androgens are more dominant in men. Therefore, if women produce a lot of it, this can result in excessive hair growth. This usually occurs during pregnancy and menopausal period.

It is recommended for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who suffer from excessive hair growth not to undergo this treatment. They need to stabilize first their hormones in order to attain results of IPL hair removal.

  1.    Wrong device

It is very crucial to have your skin tone type, and hair color checked. This is because there are specific devices that are designed for every kind of skin tone and hair color. Most commonly, the manufacturers include the Fitzpatrick scale in their packaging to determine if the device is suitable for you. So, you must check first which device is best for you before doing the treatment at home.

  1.    Compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions

People tend to be too excited to try the device that they often skip the instructions or don’t read the manual thoroughly. That, in other words, leads to the misuse of the device that can cause unwanted results. Besides, it’s for your own safety.

  1.    Patience

Patience is a virtue, they said. When it comes to IPL hair removal, you need to be a little more patient because the process will not give you instant results. You may need to take several sessions before you get the results you desire. If you make it to the very last session, I’m sure you’ll be happy about the results.

  1.    Pain tolerance

Although the process is reported to be less painful than other hair removal methods, some people with very low pain tolerance may experience some discomfort. No pain, no gain! You have to endure the sensation because it will pay off after. If you just think of your goal to be hair-free, you will never feel any pain. But I am telling, the IPL process is more comfortable than laser treatments.

  1.    Mole or Tattoo

IPL shouldn’t be used in areas with moles or tattoos. Moles and tattoos have a condensed volume of colors that can confuse the device. However, just because you have a tattoo doesn’t mean you can’t undergo IPL hair removal procedure. Just be sure to avoid those areas.

  1.    Maintenance treatment

Many people tend to set their IPL devices after achieving their desired results. Don’t get carried away! You need to take maintenance treatments over some time to fully maximize the IPL hair removal benefits.

Home-use of IPL Hair Removal Device

Don’t jump to the conclusion that your IPL device is defective if it doesn’t work on you. You must first consider the reasons described earlier to determine if you’ve done anything wrong. You will never know it’s effective until you use it the right way. Again, comply with what the instructions say and always practice safety precautions.

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