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Here’s Why More and More Men are Opting for Permanent Hair Removal

Here’s Why More and More Men are Opting for Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal is not a new thing for women. They actually acquire the habit upon entering junior high school. They tend to shave or wax their unwanted hairs to be confident about their selves.

Men shave facial hairs. But complete body hair removal, who’s doing it and why?

Facial and body hairs became an asset to most guys. But these days, more and more men are switching to permanent hair removal. It is fast-becoming a manscaping routine to eliminate their unwanted hairs. Some tend to shave, but others want it permanently removed. It’s not weird for men to do so. Whether they do it for work or for aesthetic purposes, men share equal grooming rights as women.

Men; with that being said, IPL Hair Removal can help you get rid of your unwanted hairs. It is a safe and effective method that can provide you satisfying results.

Reasons Why More Men are Switching to Permanent Hair Removal

Men have different motives for removing their body hairs permanently. It can root in various situations. Some reasons may include:

  • To improve game performance
  • Some male athletes are required to be hair-free during their games. Swimmers are the best example of this. They are able to attain better race times if their bodies are hair-free. For cyclists and runners, they get rid of their body hairs to avoid painful chaffing. Bodybuilders also remove their hair to flaunt the body they’ve worked out fully.

  • To be more comfortable
  • Body hair plays a vital role in the body. It helps us stay warm during the cold season. However, too much of it on sunny weather can cause discomfort.

  • Because waxing is painful
  • We all know how painful waxing can be, especially to the areas with dense hair growth. Aside from that, waxing can also cause the occurrence of ingrown hairs – the inflamed, red bumps that appear around hair follicles.

  • To stop unpleasant body odor
  • Not only men, but every one of us is conscious about how we smell. IPL hair removal treatment can help reduce the amount of hair growth that traps sweat and bacteria. Through this, we can make sure that no unpleasant odor can bother us and others as well.

  • To save time
  • Shaving can be time-consuming. Aside from that, it can cause you painful cuts and uneven shaves. With IPL’s long-lasting results, there’s no need for you to do your usual shaving routine. You can enjoy years of hair-free body with a minimal amount of hair re-growth.

    IPL Hair Removal for Men

    If you want to do the treatment at your own privacy, you have the option to do it at home. I know some men will be hesitant to make a clinic appointment, that’s why at-home IPL hair removal devices are a huge help.

    Although it is a constant chore for women to get rid of their unwanted body hairs, there is no exception on who can avail IPL Hair Removal treatment. IPL works best for both men and women. However, there are still factors that may affect the effectiveness of this method. The rules still apply to men: skin tone type and hair color.

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