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Why Should I Avoid Sun Exposure During IPL Hair Removal?

Why Should I Avoid Sun Exposure During IPL Hair Removal?

We know summer's approaching when people are getting conscious about their figure. We tend to go to the gym, have ourselves well-groomed, and most notably, we aim to have smooth and hair-free bodies. Well, if you want your unwanted body hairs gone for good, you can count on IPL Hair Removal treatment. However, if you're going to flaunt your flawless body in summer, do the procedure before the season. Winter months are the best time to do it.

Did you know that it's not a good idea to undergo IPL hair removal treatments during the summer? This is because the sun and IPL don't actually blend.

IPL Hair Removal: Sun Exposure as a Factor

Before and during the treatment, you are advised to avoid direct and too much sun exposure. This is because IPL works best for people with lighter skin tone. Therefore, having a tanned skin may not be suited for the procedure. However, if you have a natural dark or any skin tone type, there are still IPL devices that might suit you. You can determine which device will work for you by checking out the Fitzpatrick scale.

No matter your color, sun exposure must still be avoided during IPL hair removal treatment. Here's a more detailed explanation on why you can't be exposed to the sun during IPL Hair Removal:

  • The light used in IPL procedures may struggle to see the target hairs
  • IPL's technology uses a high-powered device to deliver a broad-spectrum high-intensity pulse of light at multiple wavelengths. The light it emits is attracted to the dark color of your hair follicle. So, if you're skin is darkened, and hair is lightened due to sun exposure, it will be more difficult for the light to pick up the hair follicle. This, in most cases, hinders the success of any light-based treatment.

  • Your skin can be extra sensitive
  • It is a common occurrence for the skin to be extra sensitive every after IPL hair removal treatment. You can also experience common side effects such as redness and swelling. However, these side effects will subside immediately. You don't want to aggravate your skin sensitivity, do you? Being exposed to the sun for an extended period can trigger minor to severe skin complications. One of the worst things that could happen is sunburn. But if there are situations where you need to do activities outdoors, make sure to wear a high-quality sunscreen as protection. Also, wear clothes that can cover the treated area.

    What to keep in mind

    People are not advised to have an IPL hair removal procedure during summer because it can cause unsightly skin discoloration. Do the treatment before summer to avoid unwanted side effects.

    Upon healing after your IPL hair removal treatment, you are still advised to keep an eye on your skin for potential damage. Don't get too excited to regain your tan. Always apply protection for your skin. Do what is advised by the practitioner post-treatment. And most importantly, avoid being overexposed to the sun.

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