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What is the Difference between IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal?

What is the Difference between IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Many people are becoming fascinated with smooth and hair-free bodies. There are countless of times that individuals search for an effective way in removing all those unwanted hairs, and they always end up getting the same result. Shaving and waxing have been the most common method in resolving this ‘hairy’ issue.

However, as of today, the advancement of technology provides a more convenient way on how to permanently remove unwanted hair, namely: the IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal treatment.

IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal are treatments which provide long-term results for hair growth reduction. They are both effective in removing hair permanently, and can significantly reduce the chance of fast hair re-growth.

There are numbers of successful results among the clients of IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal treatment. However, if you want to attain the best result, it is better to have a review of these treatments. It is a crucial decision in choosing the most suitable method for you. 

IPL vs. Electrolysis Hair Removal

IPL is a popular hair removal treatment that helps damage the target hairs so that they won’t grow back. It uses a broad spectrum high-intensity light that causes light to emit at multiple wavelengths. IPL targets larger patches of hair at once. Usually, IPL is cheaper than any other treatments available in the market. Also, IPL is:

  •   Less painful compared to other hair removal treatments
  •   Quicker, as its strong light efficiently destroys the roots of the hair
  •   Very precise, as it destroys the hair not the skin
  •   Proven safe

However, IPL can be:

  •   A case-to-case basis, meaning that effectiveness may vary depending on the patient's situation.
  •   A bit pricey depending on your case

On the other hand, Electrolysis is a treatment method which involves passing of electrical current through a hair follicle. 

A professional technician places an ultra-thin needle into the target hair follicle, in which an electric current passes through it. This current brings damage to the hair, killing the hair roots.

Looking at the good side, Electrolysis is:

  •   Versatile, as it may be suited to any skin and hair type
  •   Needs no recovery time
  •   Maintenance-free
  •   Free of harsh chemicals

Though Electrolysis offers many benefits, there is still a number of disadvantages you should consider:

  •   It can take longer sessions in most cases where large areas are to be treated. Some conditions may require up to 30 treatments.
  •   The procedure may be uncomfortable in the sense that pain may be experienced.
  •   Adverse effects may also occur, including scars (in rare cases). There can also be an infection threat from unsterilized needles.
  •   Costing may also be more expensive because of the number of treatment sessions needed to see the result.

So, which treatment option is better?

Both IPL and Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment can be a good choice in hair removal. These methods are effective in their ways. IPL uses light, while Electrolysis uses electric current. You can choose any of these two depending on what seems to be more convenient for you.

However, to give you a guide; if you want a quicker procedure and cheaper cost that offers the same optimum result, IPL Hair Removal Treatment is for you.

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