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Which is Better To Use: Fraxel or IPL?

Which is Better To Use: Fraxel or IPL?

Which is Better To Use: Fraxel or IPL?

Hair removal has never been easier! Modern hair treatment has always been essential to people nowadays. We have two of the latest methods, the Fraxel and the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). These procedures are both created to provide smoother, brighter and healthier skin. However, like any other technology, both have their weaknesses and strengths. Let’s compare these two great procedures:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light is not a laser where it is often mistaken. IPL can reduce hair growth, most effectively in darker, coarser hair. The IPL uses a high-powered, computer-controlled flashgun to convey an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light. Filters can be used to selectively filter out other wavelengths, especially potentially damaging ultraviolet light. The light pulses target specific structures and chromophores that are heated to destruction and reabsorbed by the body. IPL shares some similarities with laser treatments, in that they both use light to burn and destroy their targets. However, unlike lasers that use a single wavelength (color) of light, it can only treat one condition.

IPL uses a broad spectrum that when used with interchangeable filters, allows it to be used against several conditions. In hair removal, it is intended to target the melanin pigments in the hair. The light energy is absorbed, transferring as heat energy which warms the hair, causing damage to the follicle. In other uses such as the treatment of spider vein, it targets the hemoglobin in the blood. As broad-spectrum light naturally spreads out, the coverage of IPL hair removal devices is higher than laser hair removal devices. Therefore, it may mean that treatment times may be quicker because larger areas can be treated at once.

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel laser is a laser hair removal treatment that uses tiny rays of light to obliterate targeted areas of skin. Because of this, it leaves the untargeted areas unharmed and penetrates deeply.  Lasers will selectively destroy specific targets and not cause harm to the surrounding tissue when appropriately used. By creating little wounds within the targeted areas, the body begins its natural healing process; therefore, accelerating the regeneration of new healthy skin cells. Also, because of this, swelling and redness are the most common side effects found from the Fraxel treatment. There are also risks of infection or scarring, although it is practically rare.

What to choose between IPL and Fraxel?

Between the two, IPL is the better option especially if you have a light complexion. It is an already proven procedure compared to Fraxel. It is best in removing hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. IPL is also a highly recommended hair removal procedure for people with light skin tones. You can see substantial results in no time at all. If you are currently working, you can get back to your office straight away after the session.

Moreover, IPL is more affordable than Fraxel. It gives a virtually pain-free treatment that most people want and it utilizes light technology which is safer. It targets the damaged portion of the skin and leaves a surrounding unharmed skin. 

The perfect users for IPL are those people who are looking for a solution for the initial signs of sun damage and aging. People who have limited time are highly suggested to choose this treatment.

If you’re experiencing sunspots, you can choose IPL. It performs better with sun-caused skin problems. It also gives an overall improvement on the appearance and texture of your skin.

Here are some reasons why IPL is more commendable than FRAXEL:

  • It is the best choice for treating sun-damaged skin as it reduces the redness and eliminates the dark spots.
  • It creates improvement on the fine lines in the surface of the skin.
  • It has a shorter procedure time compared to Fraxel.
  • It is beneficial on the body and the face, including arms and hands.
  • It can provide satisfying results after two to three treatments.
  • If you continue undergoing IPL for an average of 10 treatments, it can give long-lasting effects.
  • No anesthetic required for this treatment.
  • There is no minimal downtime with this.

To conclude, IPL is a better treatment than Fraxel. It provides more benefits and is also the more affordable choice. Always remember to take care of your skin and be careful in picking a skin treatment. Be sure that you choose what’s best for your skin to avoid negative results.

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