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Be Free From Razor Bumps Forever

Be Free From Razor Bumps Forever

Be Free From Razor Bumps Forever

As much as we don’t want it to, our bodies grow hair on unwanted places. Women dread the fact that they grow hair on their faces just like men; they hate that their legs can get hairy, covering up their supposed flawless skin and fabulous bodies. Because of that, they regularly shave it off using their good razors. But no matter how careful you are when shaving, there is always the risk of getting razor bumps. And that can sometimes even be worse than that of your natural hair! In this article, we will be discussing why you get razor bumps and how you can get rid of it forever. Prepare your mind, keep away that razor for good, and learn how you can achieve that Instagram-worthy look you longed for so hard.

How do we get Razor Bumps?

Razor Bumps are not just a product of bad luck and poor quality razor. It has also had to do with the texture and growth patterns of your hair in that specific area that you are regularly shaving off. Doctors have explained that razor bumps are usually caused by the inflammatory reaction when terminal hairs that you have previously shaven off are trying to re-emerge on your skin but have now become trapped. It tends to curve back under your skin and can cause red or dark brown raised bumps centered on each hair follicle, completing the process of producing razor bumps. Dermatologists have also noted that shaving off curly hairs, those that grow against the grain or in areas with high skin friction are more likely to give you the dreaded razor bumps.

How to get rid of Razor Bumps Forever?

The short answer would be; to stop your skin from getting further razor bumps is to stop shaving. There may be some remedies and practices that you may try to lessen razor bumps in your body, however, if what you want is to be indeed entirely without it, then some form of treatment is what you need. Honestly, there is no other way to stop razor bumps on your body other than permanent hair removal. Come to think of it, not only is it capable of getting rid of them for good but also able to get that part of your body completely hairless forever. IPL hair removal may be the answer to your questions.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL for short is a skin treatment in which high-powered, hand-held, computer-controlled flashgun is used to remove a person’s hair permanently. It can be mistaken for Laser Hair Removal treatments, but they are different. Unlike laser treatment, which emits a specific wavelength, IPL works like a flash-lamp, sending out scattered wavelengths of light, making IPL very targeted. On the negative side, as of right now, it only works for people who have healthy, fair skin and dark hair. IPL also ensures a painless, quick, and pleasant experience for those willing to undergo the treatment. So if you want flawless and hairless skin, you can count on IPL Hair Removal to do just that for you! Call us today for more information.

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