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Best IPL Hair System Facts

Best IPL Hair System Facts

Best IPL Hair System Facts

With the advent of the new technology, experts successfully created a one of a kind beauty system that now saves both men and women from unwanted hairs on the unnecessary parts of the body. Intense Pulsed Light, known merely as IPL is now being a trend in the dermatological field. Not only it can be an excellent tool for hair removal, but it can also be utilized for photo rejuvenation and treatment of several skin imperfections.

However, before we reached this incredible innovation today, did you know that the first IPL approved by FDA way back 1995 was for telangiectasias? Since then, many medical experts try to experiment with IPL and with that, they discovered how it could be a great use in the cosmetic field. Today, there’s already a pool of IPL hair system throughout the market. Thus, here are some focal points you need to know to find the best IPL Hair System.

IPL Facts to Remember

  •    IPL is not Laser

Many are often confused with laser and IPL hair removal treatment. Both therapies are being recognized for their usefulness, but some people are still not aware of their differences. IPL and Laser both use light. However, each of them uses a different type of technology to generate these lights.

  •    Uses Different Wavelengths

Unlike lasers which are known to be monochromatic (with only one color or wavelength), IPL uses a mix of different varieties of colors or wavelengths.

  •    Effective Skin Treatment

Aside from hair removal, IPL is also very useful when it comes to treating several skin conditions such as broken capillaries, red spots, acne, rosacea, spider veins, sunspots, red scarring, acne scars, general pigmentation, and even sun-damaged skins. These amazing treatments are made possible because of the ability of the focus and control wavelength that directly hits the deeper parts of the epidermis.

  •    Fast Results

After your very first IPL treatment, you must instantly see the changes to your skin. The treatment needs to be done several times as the changes gradually continue. With regards to hair removal, it has been approved that ten up to twelve IPL sessions would be great, ensuring that the hair follicles are damaged until its roots.

There are still a lot of things to be discovered when it comes to effective IPL hair system. However, one thing will remain certain and true. IPL has helped us through the years through a wide variety of ways.

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