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Does IPL Hair Removal Treatment Hurt?

Does IPL Hair Removal Treatment Hurt?

Does IPL Hair Removal Treatment Hurt?

Today, advancement and innovation in technology allow people to enjoy simple and quick ways to deal with their unwanted hair problems. There are various light-based systems and a wide range of innovative tools to get rid of the aesthetic issues that are usually connected with stubborn hair production and growth. One of the leading procedures nowadays involves the use of intense pulsed light or popularly known as the IPL hair removal system. Since its inception almost a decade ago, interested people keep on asking if this kind of treatment hurts. In this post, we will provide you with answers.

The Key Difference

IPL machines have sources that emit pulsed light with multiple wavelengths. It can work with a large area at once and targets various hair follicles while effectively leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Since the light that converts to heat energy are spread evenly on the skin, this procedure is typically being described as less painful than having laser hair removal. Laser treatment uses high energy from monochromatic coherent source on a selected part. In some cases, it can make the patients feel a burning sensation.

IPL, on the other hand, can cause minimal pain depending on the areas being treated. For example, on flat areas, the skin is firm and the IPL device can be pressed flat on the skin’s surface. It means that the machine will not cause static and you can finish the session comfortably.

However, if you are working on body parts with round bones such as the underarm region, you will not be able to flatten the rectangular handpiece of the machine. You will experience some static that causes that slight stinging feeling. However, there’s nothing to worry about as the pain is completely manageable even if you have a low level of pain tolerance. Usually, it happens to first-time patients.

How Can You Take Care of the Treated Area after an IPL Session?

Whether the hair removal treatment was done by a professional or you opt to DIY, it is recommended to apply a calming gel or a soothing balm. Aside from relieving the slight stinging sensation, the solution also prevents further skin irritation.

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