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Does IPL Hair Removal Work Permanently?

Does IPL Hair Removal Work Permanently?

Does IPL Hair Removal Work Permanently?

Since the evolution of traditional standards for beauty and aesthetics, both men and women have learned to maintain the smoothness and silkiness of their skins by removing unwanted hairs. From the conventional methods to innovative techniques, the demand for permanent results had also grown over the years. Today, IPL hair removal system is one of the most-sought procedures that help men and women alike to become more aesthetically appealing. However, as always, skeptics ask if this method can give permanent results.

Understanding More about IPL

Choosing a hair removal system from a lot of medically-advanced methods today is a personal decision. Aside from convenience, there are plenty of factors that you must consider before you opt for a particular treatment. One of the factors that top the list is the efficiency and consistency of the hair removal system. Of course, people choose to pay for the treatment in hopes of achieving permanent result. The good thing is, IPL can deliver the long-lasting result you’re aiming for.

How Does IPL Cause Damage to the Hair Follicles?

IPL or Intense Pulse Light technology utilizes a visible light coming from a specially-controlled source. The light can be used to treat particular structures in the human skin. In case of hair removal treatment, the light with shorter wavelengths targets the melanin pigment. During the process of absorption, the light energy converts to heat energy which ultimately warms the hair and damage the follicle. After a week or two, the dead hairs will eventually fall out.

When Can You Achieve Permanent Hair Loss?

When you undergo IPL hair removal treatment, keep in mind that you can’t expect immediate results. After your first session, you might get disappointed once you’ve seen that you still don’t have a smooth and hair-free skin. It is natural as hairs have different stages of growth cycle. It means that you will be required to have other sessions. According to the experts, undergoing an average of 6-8 sessions is highly recommended if you want to achieve permanent hair growth reduction.

Moreover, since the well-regulated light from IPL hair removal devices effectively kills the papilla or hair-producing region in the skin, the possibility of growing hairs become minuscule. If it does, it will grow slower which effectively lessen the need for multiple shaving. Once you continue to undergo treatment, the hair will grow thinner and paler --making them almost invisible.

What Most People Say

According to medical professionals in the hair removal industry, the majority of their patients have reported about having permanent hair loss after 10 IPL treatments. However, you just have to make sure that you follow a regular schedule as per advice by your doctor. In case you are doing IPL hair removal treatment at home, be sure to keep in mind the necessary precautions to achieve permanent reduction of hair growth.

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