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Does Laser Hair Removal Last Forever?

Does Laser Hair Removal Last Forever?

Does Laser Hair Removal Last Forever?

So you’ve prepared for a big day. You had performed your beauty rituals the night before that includes shaving your pesky hairs. However, when you woke up the next day, a crop of problem hairs have already winded its ways into your daily routine. Is there anything more annoying than grabbing a razor and starting all over again?

Whatever shaving method you use at home, there’s a high chance that you’re already fed up of the follicle feud. Perhaps you have done your assignment and already checked out on the Internet what kind of hair removal treatment can give you long-lasting results. More possibly than not, you have come across one of the most popular method today – laser hair removal. Now here comes the next question. Does laser hair removal last forever?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

Laser hair removal uses focused light energy which is directed to the patient’s skin. As the pigment is absorbing the light in the hair, it converts into heat which ultimately destroys the growth center in the hair follicle. Once the hair growth center is destroyed, it wouldn’t be able to create new hair.  However, licensed dermatologists and skin experts agree that there are several factors to consider before they can say that laser hair removal can give permanent results. Moreover, results vary depending on the patient’s skin and hair condition.

Top Reasons that Affect the End Results of Laser Hair Removal System

  1. As with any other scientifically-advanced method in the medical field, the laser hair removal system has its distinction as well. While others can enjoy long-lasting results, some patients will eventually experience growing their hair back.
  2. A fixed amount of laser energy is used to send a death sentence to the hair follicles, usually in an individualized manner. However, patients must be aware that the hairs in the growth cycle have varying points. It means that a series of treatment is needed to target the pesky individual hairs during the growth cycle.
  3. Most patients believe that they can achieve “permanent” hair removal through laser treatment. However, most experts tend to use the term “permanently-reduced.” After six to eight sessions, patients can see a noticeable difference. A marked reduction is achievable but there is always that possibility of hair regrowth.
  4. The skin tone of the patient as well as the hair type can significantly impact the result as well. Laser hair removal method works best on dark hair growing from light skin, and it is not typically recommended for people sporting gray or blonde hair.
  5. The post-treatment care and hygiene of the patient also make room for varying results. Experts advise patients to avoid saltwater of chlorinated pools for a week after a laser hair removal session. Of course, avoiding sun exposure is a must, too. Moreover, they recommend some aftercare lotion for skin maintenance.

Know Your Best Option!

While it’s undeniable that the laser hair removal system is better than traditional methods, it is unquestionable that this kind of treatment is quite a costly investment. So, if you’re planning to try this solution, you might as well do your research and find out if this one is the best treatment for you. There are plenty of breakthrough hair removal systems today such as the IPL method. It won't hurt if you take the time to figure out what would best work for you.

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