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Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

Today, looking for solutions on common aesthetic problems has been made easier than ever, thanks to technology. Talking about hair removal, there are various salon and home treatments that people can do to get rid of unwanted body hair. One of the most trending methods that are taking the dermatological industry by storm is the IPL technology. However, while experts highly recommend it, the question remains the same for first-time users. Is IPL hair removal system safe?

How Does IPL Treatment Work?

Intense Pulsed Light or better known as IPL targets the melanin. This dark pigment which determines the color of the skin and hair is particularly dense at the base of the hair follicle. Using powerful pulses, the light which converts to heat energy when absorbed will destroy the hair follicle. The process will ultimately lead to the hair falling out and effectively killing its ability to re-grow.

Common Risks and After-Treatment Effects

It is natural to feel quite apprehensive about IPL procedure especially if you have relied on traditional hair removal methods for so long. However, this innovative solution presents the least risks compared to its other advanced alternative on the industry such as laser treatment. According to most patients who have undergone this treatment, the after-effects are both transient and mild.

Here are some information to keep in mind:

  • After an IPL session, it is normal to see some redness on your skin with slight tenderness. If you have sensitive skin, it is not unusual to experience slight swelling.
  • Extreme sun exposure is strictly prohibited within four days after the treatment. Patients are advised to avoid chlorine-infused swimming pools and showers.
  • The experts recommend applying FDA-approved antiseptic gel which can provide a smooth and soothing relief. The mild discomfort should be gone within a day or two.

Important Precautions to Consider Before IPL Treatment

As they say, “In every rule, there is always an exception.” This saying is applicable when it comes to IPL. This hair removal system is highly suitable for patients with light skin and dark hair. If the skin has a darker tone, there’s a high possibility that the emitted light can be absorbed by the dark pigment in the skin as well as the follicle itself. If it happens, the patient is at risk of having blisters and burns or worst, permanent scars.

What to Do

Dermatologists use a statistical table known as the Fitzpatrick scale. There are specific rates that vary depending on the skin’s response to UV light. If you fall in the range of 1-4, then rest assured that IP hair removal system will cause you no harm.

If you consider doing the hair removal procedure at your home using an IPL machine, make sure to purchase one with a skin tone sensor. The built-in system will automatically shut the device from working once it has detected an unsuitable skin tone.

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