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Is IPL Treatment Safe?

Is IPL Treatment Safe?

Is IPL Treatment Safe?

It is during summer time when most women undergo several procedures to look good for the sunny season. Due to the humidity and sweltering heat, everyone is expected to wear comfortable clothes which include tank tops and shorts. In addition to this, the bikini season is also the best time to flaunt your body in a sexy swimsuit. These are some of the reasons why women spend time, effort, and money for beauty procedures such as waxing, shaving, and plucking unwanted hairs. However, these processes mostly produce temporary results that require constant maintenance. Fortunately, a revolutionary advancement called Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is invented to create a hair-free body that would last not only for summer but also for long years to come.

Just like other notorious therapies, IPL treatment is still questioned with regards to its safety. There is a notion that this process uses UV light that is often associated with skin cancer. To clarify this misconception, IPL is a procedure that uses the light of varying wavelength instead of radiation or UV lights. With that said, you can ensure that undergoing the method won’t increase your risk of having cancerous cells. To further encourage your utmost safety, experts highly recommend people with conditions to avoid the utilization of IPL for hair removal. These circumstances include the following.

1.) Skin conditions

People who are suffering from psoriasis or other chronic skin disorder should preclude the use of IPL. Aside from these circumstances, those who have photosensitive skin are also advised to avoid the treatment entirely.

2.) Tanned skin

To produce the best results, those who have undergone natural and fake tanning are required to wait until the tan faded completely before using IPL.  

3.) Certain hair colors

Unfortunately, people with red, grey, white, and light blonde hair are highly discouraged from going through the treatment. IPL is only useful for those with dark-colored hair.

4.) Pregnancy

It is a no-brainer. To ensure the optimal safety and wellness of a baby, a pregnant woman should refrain from utilizing IPL. This statement also applies to breastfeeding women.

5.) Moles and Tattoos

You should not remove hair from moles through the IPL treatment. IPL is also not suitable for the removal of hair from your skin areas that have tattoos.

These are just some of the considerations that you have to look into before using IPL treatment. As long as you are a good candidate for the procedure and you follow the precautionary measures, you have no mishaps to think. Try it out, and you’ll surely be the next person to give great testimonials with your IPL experience!

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