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Skin Treatment 101: IPL Hair Removal Process and Enhancements

Skin Treatment 101: IPL Hair Removal Process and Enhancements

Skin Treatment 101: IPL Hair Removal Process and Enhancements

For the past years, many people have noticed the greatness of Intense Pulse Light or IPL, most specifically in terms of permanent hair removal. Although it was first known as a medical device used to treat several eye complications, it is now more widely used in the field of cosmetics. However, do you have any idea how IPL manages several skin imperfections and permanently remove unwanted hairs?

IPL Process

As a piece of primary information, IPL is a kind of cosmetic device that sends light (not lasers) through a variety of wavelengths via a handpiece. Just like how dark or black shirts absorb heat, the melanin found in the hair absorbs the light from the IPL. These certain amount of light are then, turns into heat which gradually damages the hair and stops the growing process of the hair. Continuous IPL treatments destroy the hair and thus, permanently result in hair removal.

However, since people have different skin and hair colors, the number of IPL treatments may vary. Permanent hair removal is possible almost to everyone, but it still would be best if you will communicate with your dermatologist to know if the process is suitable for your specific skin and hair color. According to the experts, IPL treatments work best for people who have white or pinkish skin and dark hair color. If you think that you belong to this group, you can expect that within six treatments, your hair will be almost completely gone. On the other hand, for people who have fair skin and medium colored hair, five to seven treatments are highly recommended.

IPL Enhancements

Undergoing through IPL treatment might result in several kinds of skin reaction base on every person. The hair removal treatment is not painful. Well, it would still base on a person’s specific tolerance to pain, but some people who have already undergone through the process say it was far from ‘pain’ but more of a feeling of uneasiness. Commonly, after the therapy, your skin would be a little reddish and sensitive. Using some cooling gels, lotion, or cold compress will help too. To make sure that the treated area is safe from any skin infection and the treatment will be one step away to success, make sure to use sunscreens with SPF 30+ always.

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