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The Best Process to Leave Your Skin Hair-Free

The Best Process to Leave Your Skin Hair-Free

There’s no doubt about it: unwanted hair can be complicated as it can be. Aside from growing in the most inappropriate parts of the body, removing it can undoubtedly be a fuss. The worst part of its existence is all the accompanying side effects once it grows back again.

Fortunately, as time goes by, more and more methods and products are introduced in the market to deal with the matters of unwanted hair. However, with all the emergence of aesthetic advancements, it can be confusing as to what among them works best. With that being said, here is the list of insights with all the hair removal procedures to provide you with enlightenment.

1.) Shaving

This is the method that is commonly preferred by individuals especially those who are always on the go. Shaving works by snipping the hair are the surface level of the skin. With regards to its risks, it is often painless when you are cautious enough to avoid cutting yourself. However, the usual side effects such as itchiness, nicks, and razor burns can be sources of irritation. Besides, shaved hair usually grows back after 1 to 3 days so it can be pretty tiring to the keep unwanted hair out.

2.) Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams target the unwanted hair by destroying the hair protein and removing hair at slightly below the surface level of the skin. Generally, you have to slather it in your skin and wait for an instructed time before you wash it off. The downside of using this topical product is its incompatibility with coarse hair and its strong smell due to its harsh formula.

If you have sensitive skin, this option is not for you because you are more likely to experience a tingling or burning sensation. On the other hand, its hair-free effects usually last from one to three days.

3.) Waxing

This procedure works by applying hot or cold wax to the target area before ripping out the hair that sticks to it. Owing to the hair being pulled out from the roots, the effects typically last longer than those of shaving and depilatory creams.  Nonetheless, the downside to this process is the hassle of waiting for your hair to be ¼ inch before undergoing this method. Besides, this procedure hurts so badly, especially in your first time.

4.) Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal

Thanks to technology, the days of dealing with temporary hair removal processes are long over. You don’t have to constantly dedicate some time and costs to get your unwanted hair removed only to end up growing again. IPL hair removal treatment is a procedure that uses a broad spectrum of light to destroy the deep-seated follicles of hair. You can now enjoy the long-lasting freedom from unwanted hair that this permanent treatment provides!

What are you waiting for? Invest in the best process to leave your skin free from hair, permanently! Call us today for more information about IPL hair removal treatment.

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