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The Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

The Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

The Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

With the objective of looking their best, several individuals around the world are looking for better ways to improve their appearance. One of the facets of personal care that these people are looking into is the freedom from unwanted hair. Fortunately, after centuries of observing traditional processes such as shaving, plucking, waxing, and sugaring, technology has blessed the world with the possibility of enjoying a hair-free skin, permanently!

One of the famous procedures that are believed to destroy hair follicles for good is the laser hair removal treatment. A lot of people believe that this is the best method to be involved in but there are numerous individuals who have claimed to experience unpleasant situations after undergoing the process. Without further ado, let’s talk about the side effects of this particular method for your enlightenment.

1.) Crusting

This is one of the common skin situations that happen after undergoing laser hair removal treatment. Crusting is generally a minor thing but it can create some hassle especially if it causes scarring and scabbing.

2.) Changes in Skin Tone

Several individuals have noted that the targeted area of their skin has significant changes with regards to the color. Those people with fairer skin tone are more prone to come across darker pigmentation of their skin. Those with darker skin color are more likely to experience lighter pigmentation changes.

3.) Irritation

When the laser hair removal treatment destroys the follicles and roots of the targeted hair, your body’s reaction is irritation and redness in the affected portions of your skin. Your skin can also feel some tingling sensations and on rare times, a swelling might also take place.

4.) Injury of the eyes

This is one of the major issues that might happen following laser hair removal. Eye injury usually takes place when there is an improper observance of safety measures. Due to the strong and powerful nature of the laser, the risk of serious eye injury becomes higher specifically when the hair removal is targeted on the client’s face.

5.) Higher risk of Skin Infection

The penetration of laser to the deep-seated hair follicles of the skin can be a cause of the risk in infection. When this sensitive part of the skin is exposed to the powerful nature of the laser, an infection may arise.

6.) Burns

This side effect rarely happens but it can take place if the procedure is not correctly executed. Owing to the high-heat laser that is utilized for laser hair removal, this treatment can cause burns and blisters when improperly handled.

Mentioned above are all the unpleasant side effects of laser hair removal treatment. Fortunately, you don’t have to experience all these risky situations just to delight in a hair-free skin. Thanks to technology, you can have the benefits of laser hair removal sans the side effects through a revolutionary method called Intense Pulsed Light treatment. With its well-crafted design and specifications, IPL can let you enjoy the freedom from unwanted hair! Call us today for more information!

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